Thursday, November 22, 2018

a day for counting blessings

I'll be heading into the kitchen soon to get my cooking done. Yesterday I did all my prep work...cubing the bread, frying the bacon, chopping the onions and celery, making the cranberry sauce...

while Marc made a pecan pie from the pecans I've gathered and shelled. 

Now all I need do is throw all the ingredients together and get the dressing in the oven. Our target time for departure is 1:30 PM.

Earlier this week I got the finish work done on the Bee with Wild Ranunculus but still have to glue the two pieces together and then next week I'll be working on my display for the open house making all those decisions about pricing and placement.

But today is for being grateful for all the good in your life even if the country is being led down a dark road by a small group of dark hearted people that think it's fine to give a pass to a despot that tortured and killed an American resident because money and have given the army on the border the order to use lethal force on a group of unarmed, exhausted, and hungry people.

I am grateful for many things, my family at the top of the list. I am grateful for who they are and that I have family to spend today with and share a meal with when so many others don't.


  1. Just put my turkey into the oven and my pies and cranberry sauce are ready.
    I, too, am grateful for my family and grateful that we love each other every day of the year.
    And I am grateful for this blog community which we have made real with our words and our caring.
    Love you, Ellen.

    1. I love you too Mary for the shining light you are.

  2. Let us all ride the wild ranunculus this year. It could be an interesting, even pleasant change.

  3. I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving Day.

  4. Ellen, your Thanksgiving will be a nice one - as is your lovely life in the country. We do have so much to be grateful for and we will hope for better days to come....

  5. OK. MY question when you have time to do people use your art. As something on a shelf or table or is it incorporated into other things?

  6. Yes, it is easy to appreciate the rational, good people in our lives even more when we contrast them with the sour fool in Washington. And there's a thought - maybe that's his purpose for being allowed to breathe air on this earth.

  7. The bee with wild ranunculus looks great! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


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