Thursday, July 27, 2017

what I am not doing today is being in the car

I wish I could post the fragrance as easily as I post this image, then you'd understand why it is I fuss with them, besides their plain beauty that is.

I have a rare day at home alone today. Marc's brother, wife, and child from Colorado and his sister and her family from Dallas have rented the beach house they rent every summer and Marc has driven there to visit for the day. Or part of the day as it's a two hour drive there and a two hour drive back and he will spend more time on the road probably than actually visiting and as such, I declined to go. I would like to see them and spend some time on the beach so hot but just not today. I have already spent a good part of every day in the car since last Friday when I picked up Robin from the city til I took her back yesterday. And we have plans for Saturday involving driving to Victoria with some friends to see the Texas Contemporary Glass show we are not in because the curator didn't think our work was big enough or conceptual enough and he was kinda snobby about it but he did think a lot of his own work and included himself in the show which I think is not against any rules but is a bit unethical.

The brother had called last night and Marc ended up the conversation with “text me the address and we'll come visit tomorrow”. Then he says to me, “That's all right isn't it?”

Well, no, not really.” I was pretty much looking forward to not doing anything for the next two days.

You'll have four hours doing nothing in the car,” he says.

Exactly!” What I should have said was I looking forward to not being in the car for the next two days.

Anyway, this morning he absolved me of all guilt and took off for Galveston.

So, so far I put the tea cup back up and put seed in the totem and put cracked pecans on the ground and so far no sign of those who shall not be named no sense in invoking the gods, I got back in there with the long handled nippers and a saw and cut down all the rain trees that proliferate at the back corner of the property where the Wild Space starts and I was drenched when I came in with the sweat just pouring off me more around the corner that you can't see that are only 5' tall instead of 12', 

I fiddled with and finally made a decision about an art light fixture that I bought over a year ago and never hung because blah blah blah reasons settling the questions I had and deciding on a small alteration (not on the fixture but lengthening the part it hangs from so that it hangs lower) and also where I am going to install it which is where I intended to all along, 

I had lunch, and I have started back to work on the model I put aside when I went to bring Robin back for her visit, 

and picked up another big handful of green discards because if I don't eventually it will be like walking on marbles out in the Big Back Yard.

Oh, and I spent way too much time on FB and Twitter watching the train wreck that is our imploding democracy.


  1. The beach sounds fun, I go to the pool every day just about when I am home

  2. What were the flowers I want to smell? They say we get what we deserve. I have little hope in the powers that be doing anything to stop the moron.

  3. I try and avoid the television because I can only handle so much Trump, but it does seem like things are starting to turn on him. Of course it could just be wishful thinking.

  4. Two hours there, two hours back for maybe a two hour visit - I would have stayed home also.

  5. Is that an egret? White on black? I think it will be stunning, no matter what. Does the little art light cast a moving shadow on the ceiling? Picture please when installed.
    What a stunning amount of physical exertion! So far today I put a new liner in the kitchen trash can and put it back in the closet. I must go water my flowers.

    1. it's a blue heron and will be done in color. the box looks black because that is the wax model and the color of the wax. I think the box will be a translucent pale blue with wavy lines carved in it to signify water. re the fixture, no moving shadow, in fact I'm not really sure how much light it will produce as the globe/shade is blue and purple and white and clear swirly. but yes, I will post a pic when installed.

  6. On my wedding day we made plumeria leis and everyone smelled so good!!

  7. "Doing nothing" - ha! Your version of doing nothing is a wee bit different from mine (ok, yes, I know you really meant you didn't want to be in the car).

  8. I still regret the loss of my plumeria. Well, I didn't "lose" them. I gave them away because I didn't have the sunlight for them, and once moved, they started to bloom like yours. They do have the most gorgeous fragrance.

    It's funny. I don't mind spending the whole day in the car if I'm just poking around, but if it's one of those two-hours in each direction, pedal to the metal deals, I'm not so fond. Of course, around here people think nothing of driving an hour or so just to have dinner with friends. When you add in Houston freeway driving, I'm not at all fond.

    1. had I not spent so much time in the car the previous week, I would have gone.

  9. That plumeria is amazing. So pretty. And I love the way they smell.

    As for the glass show organizer, WTF? Who puts their own work in their own show to the exclusion of others? That sounds pretty shady to me.

    I love a good long ride (or drive) in a car, but I can see why you'd want to have some alone time at home, too! Don't overindulge in Trump news! Keep yourself sane!


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