Thursday, July 20, 2017

hermit days

Yesterday, Wednesday, I left the premises for the first time since last Thursday. I would have left on Monday but yoga was canceled at the last minute. The week or so before that I think I only left the property for yoga. I'm leaving the house today because it's estate sale day, which is why I left the house last Thursday. Also I have a list of errands I've needed to run in town but haven't been motivated to do. I've been pretty much a hermit since we got back from Hawaii. Doctor visits, yoga, and the occasional visiting with neighbors while I walk the dog has been about all the contact with humanity I want. I've finally stopped sleeping til 9 or later, waking up at my usual between 7 and 8. I take my thyroid pill, drink a small glass of water, and then head outside for an hour or so doing whatever yard chore, then come in for coffee, internet, and breakfast before starting on whatever model I'm working on, then lunch break while we watch General Hospital, then more work on whatever model til it's time to feed and walk the dog after which I fix my cocktail and relax til dinner and then after dinner, read til I fall asleep. Yay! Exciting stuff!

I'll be leaving again tomorrow to drive into Houston to pick up the grandgirl Robin and with another list of supply run stops between Houston and here. It will be a long day and money will be spent.

Robin is 16 this summer, the age I expected the grandkids to stop wanting to come spend a week out of their summer with their grandparents. They did continue to come but life is changing in their house. Mikey is 20 and works full time but he still pops in unexpectedly now and then. The twins, who still came for their weeks though they have worked full time during the summers since they were 16, are now 19 and preparing to leave for college mid-August. They may or may not manage a few days before then. They're only working weekends this summer and are spending time with their friends and going places before they all go off in different directions. Which brings me back to Robin who would just as happily spend her summer holed up in her room and hanging out with her friends as come visit. I'm not sure this four days was motivated by her desire to come spend a few days or her mother's prodding. Either way I'll be happy to have this time with her.

We finally got a decent rain yesterday. Still seeing baby anoles and baby toads.  This guy was a half inch from it's nose to it's pointy little butt.

The white orchid tree (more like a shrub) that froze to the ground that I almost discarded before I noticed that it was finally coming out is blooming.

So is the white plumeria

and the yellow flowering senna

and the morning glory bush

and the yellow bells

and the native hibiscus is putting on a second round of flowering.


  1. Looking pretty there. Should be the days of your lives...;)

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! Just gorgeous.
    Glad to hear that I'm not the only hermit around. I just don't care about leaving unless it's another trip. I'd love to do that.
    Those feathers are going to be incredible. I can't wait to see the end results.

  3. awww yes, I remember being 16...priorities were "friends" and gossip and looking at boys at the swimming pool. I would have had a hard time going to go see my aunties at that age. Did not have grandparents, but if I did and they were as cool as you are, I would have not hesitated! Have a great time, only four days- I am sure they will be full and fun!
    Morning glories are banned here, they grow wild and take over EVERYTHING choking out trees. I love them...I love how they go to sleep at night and unfurl in the morning.

  4. I remember commenting that I looked forward to seeing your garden in bloom, and these pictures don't disappoint.

  5. Sensational flowers!
    You're fortunate to be as involved in your grandkids' lives as you are; so many people don't have these traditions.

  6. And still the flowers bloom - love that morning glory bush. I honor the "hermit" time, too. It helps me stay focused and calm. With all the turmoil in the world, we need to do that for ourselves. Enjoy the time with Robin;)

  7. Very pretty! I'm sure Robin will have a good time with you guys, whether she wanted to or not :) I've been talking about my "confinement" but truth to tell it has not been all that bad, actually. I would like to be able to walk around the yard though...

  8. The flowers are looking good! I like the sound of your daily routine -- especially the cocktail and "General Hospital"!

  9. You have such exotics that do not grow here. YOu must be right on the edge for growing them. I love your daily schedule. Please remember that millions of folks would like to do what you do each day. I also have wondered about my weekly times with grands down here in the woods. The oldest has turned 12 and I am wondering if he really wants to come when he is 13!


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