Saturday, March 11, 2017

an idle week

I have not recovered my momentum though I have piddled around a bit. Every big task that needs doing outside I don't feel like doing. And well, the weather is not cooperating. Rained like hell last Sunday and rained again all day Friday, wet and drippy and light rain today. I guess mostly what I have been doing is reading and when I finished my book (first of a trilogy) yesterday I immediately went to the library and got the next one.

There's a number of things I need to do, places I need to go. I want to go to one of the nearby nurseries, I need to go to Rosenberg and get my pearls I had re-strung and drop off another strand that, since it wasn't knotted, I thought I would just re-string myself but if I was going to do that it would already have been done. I need to go to the feed store and get the green bean seeds I forgot to get earlier this week. I need to rummage through the dollar stores here for a slinky to try and squirrel proof the totem bird feeder.

I'll probably have to get a taller pole for the bird feeder though.

I should straighten up my workroom in the house! I should work on that model. I have several wind chimes that need repair due to the high winds we've been having. I need to clean and oil all the furniture. I doubt any of this is getting done today.

You might remember that our friend Gene got evicted from his studio last summer (the land finally became too valuable) so he brought all his studio out here til he gets re-situated. He came and spent a few days last week working on a few small commissions he has...a baptismal bowl and slumping some strips for a furniture maker and drilling some holes in some other things he had.

I've been changing out the strips and running the program for him. 

He'll be back out next week to slump the blank for the baptismal bowl.

Well, if I'm going to make a foray out today, now is the time to do it.


  1. I have not felt very productive myself and have spent an entire day planting one row of green beans and one of squash.
    I wish we'd get some rain.

  2. You could set aside your book and watch the squirrel until your sides ached with laughing.

  3. The "need to's" are piling up around here, too. I do have the laundry under control, but there is a slew of other little tasks that do need to be done. The problem is that not doing them doesn't really affect anything in the grand scheme of things, so there they sit. Thank goodness they're predicting sunshine for this next week. We'll see how that works out.

  4. Loved that Slinky video. I know several people with bird feeders I'll be sharing this with.

  5. This vocabulary is amazing. A lady who needs to get pearls, a straw hate, bean seeds and slinky. Sounds like a good start for a mystery to me!!

  6. My 'need to do' has become my 'should do' which has now become 'maƱana is good enough for me'.

  7. I also have so much I need to get done around here! I did put a load of laundry in, and I WILL VACUUM THIS HOUSE TODAY. (As you know, one of my very favorite activities. Sigh.) But I stayed awake until the wee hours reading a totally trash book, and it snowed, so it's cold, and I just want to snuggle up with some yarn.

  8. Well, you know, sometimes we all just need our own time. Right? I've spent pretty much this entire day on the couch.

    I don't know what "slumping the blank" means, but that looks like an impressive bowl!

    1. the fused glass circle in the kiln is about 5/8" thick. it will be put on a bowl shaped mold and heated up enough to soften the glass enough for it to slump down into the mold and become bowl shaped.


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