Saturday, March 18, 2017

America under Trump and this is just in the last week or so

House Republicans voted on a bill that would let employers demand genetic testing of their employees.

South Dakota Republican governor signs a bill making it legal for state agencies to discriminate against LGBT citizens on religious objection grounds.

Republicans in congress voted to shut out citizens from discussions on federal land use reversing an Obama-era rule that encouraged public debate on land use.

Trump thinks Jews are secretly committing the hate crimes against themselves to make him look bad.

Trump cut the veteran's suicide hotline funding by 40%...”makes our soldiers look weak, I'm closing that hotline down at some point. Trust me, I'm doing them a favor.”

Kellyanne Conway thinks Obama is spying on them with microwaves that he can turn into a camera.

Trump who is one of the rudest and most vindictive people around complains about the media being rude.

Trump acts to cut funding by $35 million to the NYC public housing authority in a vindictive and retaliatory move against NYC's 'sanctuary city' status, directly adversely affecting low income residents.

Complicit FBI man Comey is appointing fewer agents to investigate Trump and his minions' ties to Russia than he did to investigate Hillary Clinton's emails.

A group of 12 volunteers from a church in Canada who intended to spend spring break helping clean up after Hurricane Sandy was turned away from entering the country by border patrol because they might 'take American construction jobs'.

The Republican replacement for the ACA would throw a cumulative 28 million people off insurance, reduce care, and raise premiums for the elderly.

Trump told some Tea Party leaders he would 'punish Americans' if Trumpcare fails by letting the ACA fail and then blame the Democrats.

Trump issued an executive order inviting the head of every agency of the government to submit a plan within the next six months to eliminate part OR ALL of any executive branch agency...Energy, State, EPA, Education, Treasury, Justice, etc.

Trump advisor Roger Stone has accused the American intelligence agencies of trying to assassinate him via a hit and run accident.

Maryland governor Larry Hogan has promised to veto a bill requiring companies to offer their employees paid sick leave if it passes.

Nurses from Canada were turned away at the border when they tried to enter to go to work (the US has a shortage of nurses and has been depending on Canadian nurses to care for our sick).

Trump accused Britain of wiretapping him for Obama.

Trump refuses to shake hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one of our closest allies, on camera at the Oval Office, ignoring her request. He wouldn't even look at her.

Trump's budget eliminates funding for the Meals on Wheels program, the after school meal and development program for low income students, and the home heating subsidies for poor Americans because they aren't 'successful'.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who cut short his state visit to South Korea due to 'fatigue' (fatigue? he's only held the post for a few weeks) has threatened a pre-emptive strike on North Korea because he has no concept of diplomacy.

Not happy with just killing 30 innocent people, 10 of them children, in Yemen, Trump has now bombed a crowded mosque during evening prayers turning it into rubble and killing 70+, and still counting, innocent people.

Trump's proposed budget, along with eliminating meals for the hungry, also eliminates 19 federal agencies including the NEA, NEH, PBS and NPR, the Peace Corp, and the Museum and Library Services. For the entire list go here.

The Republican Congress passed a bill that will allow mentally ill veterans to purchase guns because apparently they aren't committing suicide fast enough.

Trump, having no understanding of NATO, tweets that Germany owes us 'vast sums of money' re NATO.

House Republicans voted to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission whose job it is to make sure voting machines can't be hacked.

A Secret Service agent parked his unlocked car in front of his house leaving a laptop with sensitive information in it including the floor plans for Trump Tower which was promptly stolen.

Trump continues spending every weekend in Florida costing the taxpayers millions of dollars and has, in two months, cost us more than Obama did in a whole year.


  1. And having had such a successful week is now back in Florida playing golf.

  2. It's hard to know what to say, or how to express the full extent of my disgust with Trump. We must be actively engaged to take back the House in 2018. This will be difficult because Democrats and Liberals are lazy and don't generally come out for midterm elections.

  3. Holy shite! When it's all listed out like that it makes you wonder if we are living in some kind of bad science fiction horror movie.

    And they assassinated JFK. Why is this monster still standing?

  4. It's a good thing to keep looking at lists of Trump's hate actions. I have minor faith in the entrenched bureaucracy, who will resist their best. Otherwise, it simply must implode and be swept away. I hope the rest of us are shoulder to shoulder for helping each other. Donations to Meals on Wheel are up in the hundreds of percents, and volunteers are up significantly.

  5. Just hope the press keeps dogging him. That was so embarrassing with Merkel. I really never knew how ignorant he is until is presidency. How are we ever going to make it four years with him. The local large nurseries were on the news saying they couldn't find workers and the mowing services are kaput. Also, my sister's housekeeper has already lost their food stamps for their three daughters who are all US citizens. It is coming and fast. I expect for him to use his 'southern white house' before to long.

  6. NYT has a horrifying article about how this administration will impact the courts. The stench from this man will linger for decades. I am VERY happy Emma came home.

  7. What this idiot has done in a few short weeks is beyond terrifying.

  8. And his base of supporters are just hunky-dory fine with this!!

  9. Heavy sigh. The biggest sigh EVER. Sigh.


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