Monday, March 6, 2017

finally hit the wall and rain

The husband is back from his week in the Land of Ice and Snow and my week of solitude is at an end. I had to drive through torrential rain a good bit of the way to the airport Sunday to pick him up. It's an hour and a half drive from our house to the airport. It's the first rain we have had in weeks so I didn't really want to complain but...damn. Rained on the way back as well.

So Friday, I was done. Not done with the yard work or garden work, just done energy-wise and motivation-wise. I sat on the couch and read most of the day. Saturday wasn't much better. Made a foray to the Feed Store and the Hungerford Co-op. Added some dirt around the potatoes (a better estimate is that 1/3 of potatoes planted came up). Dug around to see what was up with the potatoes. Out of 6 pokes I found 4 mushy pieces and the other two were complete no shows. So I planted banana peppers in the empty spaces of the potato bed and one mound of zucchini in the new bed. And then it started to sprinkle early afternoon so I went in and sat on the couch and read the rest of the day.

My paltry number of potato plants. Probably won't plant potatoes again.

The tomatoes, on the other hand, are doing great.

And Sunday woke to rain and thunder and the dog the size of a cat was in instant panic mode. Upon our return from the airport, since it was still raining off and on, though no longer torrential, I sat on the couch the rest of the day and, you guessed it, read (I'm making great headway on my book for a change). 

It's a good thing I had no desire to get up, hemmed in by three animals as I was. The extra dog is my sister's. Dog sitting again.

Checked the neighbor's rain gauge a little bit ago and between Saturday evening and Sunday evening we got about 5” of rain. It will be several days before it's dry enough out there to do any more work in the yard and gardens so I guess I'll be back to working on my model even though the sun is shining. Well, was shining. Overcast again. And sunny again. Aaaand overcast. I guess we're going to do this all day.


  1. Your tomatoes look fabulous, what a great crop you're going to get this summer.

    I always think sitting on the couch and reading IS getting something down..haha

  2. I'm sort of glad to hear that you, too, hit walls occasionally because I certainly do.

  3. Your garden is looking good. Is Mark aware of the amount of dirt he was not involved in shifting?

  4. Don't give up on potatoes until you watch how your spring weather is. Your garden looks lovely. I have never grown potatoes but attended a presentation by someone who grows them in huge bags! Successfully.

  5. Cute picture of you surrounded by animals.

  6. As always your gardening talent is impressive. Oh, to read with has been two and a half years since I've had the luxury. I am going to pencil in some reading time this summer.

  7. Sirens going off here. Snow at the end of the week, Mother Nature can't make up her mind

  8. You have a lot going on and your garden is looking good. I love to garden but some things will work one year but not the next. It is frustrating but Mother Nature has her ways. Too much rain, too little rain or worst of all, grubs.

    Enjoy yourself on the couch reading your book. Rainy days give us a break from work.

  9. You'd better have a fresh book ready. "They" say that tomorrow is going to be more rain. And, perhaps even more at the end of the week. It's always hard to predict where, exactly, because you've been getting more than we have. Still, it's lurking. The garden ought to be happy, if it doesn't get flooded.

  10. Love the dogs-on-the-couch pic! Wonder what's up with those potatoes? Too much rain, maybe?

  11. I hit a wall my own self this weekend - for different reasons (although I think my reasons had just about as much dirt as yours did - aaachhooo!).

  12. Too early to plant here and too windy to put the plastic on the green house .... and I have the flu bug again. I have been planting my potatoes in "towers" the past couple of years. It is just a round of fence wire about 20" in diameter. I layer the potato eyes, straw and dirt. The plants grow out the sides and when the are ready to harvest, I just pull the round off and the potatoes and dirt spread out on the ground ..... no digging and it takes up less space.

    1. I've had several people tell me about that, in towers. so maybe I'll try that next year.


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