Tuesday, September 27, 2016

more stuff that isn't about the job

It never seems to fail that I finish whatever book I am reading either Friday or Saturday nights usually in the wee hours. This time it was Friday night. So no going to the library since I work on Saturday and they are closed by the time I lock up. I am once again on overload from FB so no entertainment there. I don't really watch TV but Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is on so there is that.

My wound continues to heal. I got my stitches out a week ago last Wednesday and the doctor was satisfied with the healing process. The point of entry and the most jagged side was pulling apart so he put surgical tape strips over it but by five days later it was looking pretty icky since it continued to seep and weep and ooze icky stuff that had no way out so I took the tape off and cleaned it up. 

But since the most jagged side still wasn't completely stitched back together, I put on three strips which I wore for another 5 days. 

I took those off last Friday. So now it's mostly the point of entry that is still healing and I may not have much of a scar beyond a small triangle. We'll see.

Our bodies are pretty amazing things. Meat suits, as my friend Dee calls them, organic ever evolving renewing regenerating (to a point, we don't regrow things that get cut off) repairing healing...alive, the vehicle that allows the mind to interact with the physical world...breath, circulation, elimination, sustenance. Strong and fragile all at the same time. They grow, mature, wear out, and release the rider.

One thing I didn't mention about meeting up with Dana last week was that the butterflies were migrating through that area. I must have killed hundreds driving up there and back. I really hate driving when the butterflies are migrating. Birds get it and will get out of the way but butterflies, well, maybe they just aren't fast enough. I kept exhorting them to fly higher, fly higher. I was out in the yard earlier and there was a frittilary, a big bright yellow sulfur, a long wings, and then a swallowtail fluttered up and another big sulfur. 


I've never before seen that many different butterflies in the yard out here at the same time so maybe my gardening is starting to take hold. I've been trying to plant for bees and butterflies.

The skies have been pretty dramatic the last couple of weeks.

And then this happened.

And I guess I lied because here's a picture of Marc's progress on the first panel as of the end of day Sunday.

And the second panel with the stencil cut and marked.


  1. Chicken attack would be my guess if I didn't know better. Butterflies are in a hurry. I'm glad you planted for the bees and butterflies.

  2. Yes, it looks like a run in with a turkey. Just look at that bee, stuffed in that flower. Go, guy.

  3. I don't know, I think it still looks pretty scary.
    I've only ever seen one kind of butterfly here, maybe Oregon isn't know for being a butterfly mecca.

  4. I have noticed more butterflies this year, I think, along with the mosquitoes which I've never seen the likes of. And spiders too, actually. Your pictures are beautiful. Well, except for your wound which is interesting. It is amazing how we can heal, isn't it?

  5. I hope that wound isn't as painful as it looks.

    1. it's not painful at all. in fact it's sort of numb. mostly it was just tender when it did hurt.

  6. You get a pipevine swallowtail it looks like.I have been tagging monarchs for the last 2 weeks and have set 112 on their way to Mexico. Your scar looks like a bird track, but that was a nasty wound.Glad you are healing well.

  7. Our bodies are very interesting things, indeed. And yours is so good at healing. It must be that awesome personality of yours (and a great immune system, too). ♥

  8. Well, I'd say you've been plenty busy! The healing looks like it's going well. I think you should get a chicken footprint tattooed in that exact place. :)

    Love the butterflies. I never saw many this year, so it's nice to see yours. I'm glad they're prospering somewhere! And the flowers are nice, too. We're pretty much past flowers now.

  9. I just saw a bright yellow butterfly yesterday. I didn't recall having seen one before, but couldn't ID it. It think it might have been one of those sulfurs. I was happy to get a photo of a swallowtail last weekend, too. It's such fun to really pay attention to them.

    The panels look great, and so does your wound. The first thing I thought of today was big bluestem grass. It has that same tripartite division at the top -- that's why they called it "turkey foot." Now, every time I see the grass, I'll think of your leg.

  10. Oh yeah - those suicidal butterflies! Sheesh! LOVE The bee in the flower!


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