Friday, September 16, 2016

little things while I work on the big thing

the end of a small branch that I pinched off an althea I saw at an estate sale last spring which my sister rooted for me

the butterfly ginger which needs no other explanation

a monarch caterpillar

the rising full moon

this little morning glory, about the size of a quarter, sprouted under the totem bird feeder, a gift of the seed or a visiting bird

the rainbow this morning

the new growth in two places on my peach tree, the first new leaves since I planted it last spring and it started to slowly decline

and an estate sale find, found with an elaborate costume dress and cape


  1. Oh, Ellen. In so many ways our lives look so very similar.
    Thus, we are lucky.

  2. Love that you have Monarchs as my caterpillars are all other types. That hat is certainly interesting, and I have a feeling the rest of hte costume is just as exotic.

  3. Been tagging monarchs all week as part of a migration study with the U of KS.They are moving south fast.

  4. If it were green, you could be a peach tree.

  5. Love your photo. How fun is that? And of course I sit here so envious of the type of plants you can grow where you live. Although, my white peach tree blessed us with 4 crisps, 2 pies and 15 jars of peach butter this year. It's only been in the back yard for 4 years, still is small enough for us to reach the top branches and we share a bunch with the birds. Blooming things, uh, not so much.

  6. Not everyone could pull off that costume with as much panache as you.

  7. Oh that rainbow! And that headdress - ha!

  8. The headgear is cool, but the flowers are moreso -- not to mention those new leaves on the peach tree. There's probably a lesson there, like "too soon uprooted, too soon unfruited." I don't think that's bad for 6:15 in the morning!

  9. That monarch caterpillar is wild! I love the estate sale hat. Fabulous. :)


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