Thursday, June 16, 2016

get set...

Sunday I drove to the city to take my twin grandgirls, now 18!, out for a meal and do something of their choice only they couldn't think of anything they wanted to do even given three days notice so after we ate they went with me while I shopped for a rain jacket and some good waterproof hiking boots. And socks. I found the boots fairly quickly, I only had two real choices so that was easy, but I couldn't try them on properly because I forgot to bring socks and the throwaway stretchy things that pass as protective gear, well, I would for all intended purposes basically be trying on the boots bare footed so I thought, hey, no problem, I'll just buy a pair of socks or two cause I could use some new socks. The choices were 1 pair of nice hiking socks for $15 or 10 pair of crew socks for the same amount. Either way I was looking to spend $15 on socks. I really didn't want 10 pair of white crew socks and I really wasn't about to pay $15 for one pair of socks so I tried the boots on sending the girls to get this size or that and picked some out thinking once home with socks, I could always return them. Oh, and I did break down and buy the $15 dollar socks but only after I was headed to the register and I have yet to try the boots on with them.

The rain jacket proved more elusive what with all the rain we have had here. I checked the weather forecast for where I'll be and it predicted rain or showers for nearly every day during the time period so OK, I need the rain jacket.  After another fruitless shopping expedition, I had to order one online. It will be here tomorrow.

I have numerous lists and a box at my feet to put things in as I accumulate them...adapter, itinerary, sketchbook and colored pencils, presentation, apron, wax and clay tools, first aid kit...slowly things get ticked off this list or that.

I did finally go get my summer hair cut yesterday which I have usually had for at least a month by now. Well, not my short short summer hair cut since I'm heading into winter in a few days. I'll probably get it cut shorter for high summer when I get back.

I've worked on the next drawing some. 

I'm doing the easy parts, the clothing, the dog's blanket, so it will look like I got a lot done this week in my last progress report before I abandon the project completely until I get back. In last Monday's progress report, I explained that when I returned we would not be able to make much progress during the summer as I was not going to risk heat stroke when the heat index was in triple digits especially when they had been in no hurry to get me started, that I had expected to be done with this job by now and because of their foot dragging the job has run afoul of summer plans and summer heat. Her reply was to ask me when they could expect it to be ready for installation so she could apprise her client. What. The. Fuck. This is what I deal with.

Well, I did finally put on my boots and $15 socks and wore them around the yard yesterday (and they were surprisingly comfortable) while I dug up another nearly two dozen pecan trees and how the fuck do we have so many pecan trees sprouting when neither we nor anyone I know of got a single pecan last year.

OK, back to list checking.


  1. Yep. We're in the same boat only my shopping today was rather fruitless.
    I think the baby pecans come up from squirrels burying the nuts. Is that possible? They drag them off the trees and put them in the ground for later. Or maybe not. I have no idea.
    Love your new haircut!

  2. Thanks for catching us up on your life. Can't wait to see these final glass pieces. You've already put so much effort into them.

  3. I hate breaking in boots, but always get good ones so they will last.That way I don't have to do it so often.

  4. Great haircut, you're so lucky you have naturally wavy hair, mine is straight as a stick (as my mother used to say).

    What would we do without lists, just don't loose them!

  5. Love your lists - (not quite what I usually pack) full of pliers, pressure bandages, first aid kit. But you'll be safe now that you have your good hiking boots!

  6. Ooh - hiking boots! This reminds me that I have a pair that I've had for nearly 25 years and I need to see if they still fit so I can keep them or get rid of them. I loved them at the time, but they're a sort of suede forest green & back then I would only wear them if they "matched" what I was wearing. Seriously. Anyway, I keep forgetting that I have them...somewhere...

    I can NOT believe the twins are 18!!

  7. Packing for a road trip's one thing, but packing to fly is something else. I tend to throw things in the car and not worry so much, but your needs are more complex than mine.

    I did laugh at your sock tale. Since I've been out and about in the weeds, trying to learn my camera, the bugs have been the least of it. It's those danged stickers that get me. Shoelaces, socks, jeans -- all covered with the things. I finally had what I think it a genius idea. I bought one of those packs of ten pair of socks at Target. They were $7.99 on sale. I wear each pair five or six times, and don't worry a lick about pulling the stickers out of them. Eventually, I throw them away. The shoelaces are a different matter, of course. I have to pull the burrs and stickers out of them, or I can't take the boots off.

  8. Oh, OK, you're already up on the weather requirements. Good!


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