Wednesday, June 8, 2016

7 Artists show

Well, it was a fun weekend and we had a good turnout despite the weather which held off, raining only a little in the morning and then again at the end of the day. Saturday was never what I would call crowded but there did seem to be a fairly steady stream of people coming in. Sunday, not so much. Everyone had some sales except for us which was what I expected since the least expensive thing we had was still almost $200. I did have a couple of people very interested in one or two pieces. Generally, people have to see my work several times, understand the process, before they are willing to spend the money. I got a ton of compliments and wonder though. Always nice.

Vorakit Chin – ceramics

This man is always smiling, always happy, laughing. I adore his work. Chin did demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday and at the end of each demonstration he would smush the forms he had made to the gasps of the onlookers so as to use the same clay the next time.

Thomas Irven – wood turning

Thomas makes the sweetest little boxes, most in an acorn shape, with tops that screw off and on. I adore his work too. He also did demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday.

Leslie Ravey – Leslie, who works in wood and leather, makes some gorgeous furniture. Leslie, on the left, with her partner Jo.

Gene Hester – fused glass

Gene, who also does stained glass, organized the show which made it really easy for the rest of us.

Barry Perez – jewelry

Barry has a beautiful aesthetic. His jewelry is stunning and attracted a lot of attention.

Kathy Poeppel and Dick Moiel – blown glass

Kathy and Dick generously opened their studio for the venue for this show. They usually blow glass October through April when they shut down the furnace for the summer.

And there was me and Marc – pate de verre cast glass

I intended to work on a model on Saturday but forgot my wax but I did remember on Sunday so at the end of the day, Kathy snapped this pic of me pretending to work. 

I definitely need to work on my display, something that sets the work off better. And better lighting.


  1. Yes. Presentation is all.
    I'm not just saying this but of all the things you photographed at the show- I like yours best.
    Mr. Chin is wonderful. And I do like his work a lot.

  2. Do you happen to know if that red table with the matching mirrors is natural wood, or if it's been treated? If it's natural, do you know what it is? I've seen purple heart, but this is a new one. Love the wood turner especially. I had a couple of friends (now departed) up in the hill country who were fabulous turners. I'm lucky to have a couple of their pieces.

    I like yours best of the glass, except for that set of blown vases. Splendid stuff.

  3. I'd love a chance to see all of these artisans at work. I think it's a compliment to you that people visit and visit again, getting a sense of your work and an understanding of the process you use.

  4. I would have loved to see Mr. Chin do that - would have made me laugh.
    I think I like his pottery best, but the jewelry was spectacular too.
    Your glass is wonderful, as usual - but yes, better display might mean more $.

  5. So,me real nice items. Sometimes people meet you and down the road want to find you for something that stayed on their mind.I really liked everything, but money is tight I think for many.

  6. Top end work all around. You all would be in shows I could never aspire to.

  7. I enjoy being exposed to artistry of any kind and it was a treat to be introduced to all of these creative people.

  8. All very beautiful work. Displays are hard. Shows are hard. I always made the most money from people from the east and west coasts. They seem to have the most disposable cash and I think you would do very well at those places.

  9. better lighting is always needed! your work is fabulous as always, so many wonderful works everywhere- why would anyone settle for average or less than???

  10. Every time I look at Mr. Chin's picture, I can't help smiling too. That man shines.

  11. Your display looks great! And I like the fact that the show was a positive experience for you despite the lack of sales. It's great that the exposure itself is valuable.

    All that work is so incredible. I think of myself as somewhat artistic but I couldn't hold a candle to any of that!

  12. I absolutely love your up close flora squares - they are so beautiful. <3


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