Monday, June 6, 2016

a dog the size of a cat

A fluff piece while I recover from the weekend and try to figure out how much progress I'll be able to make on the full size drawings during the next two weeks as I'm getting ready for my trip to North Lands Creative Glass.

she doesn't chew on it, just carries it around like a cigar

a lady always crosses her legs

not too sure what that thing is

on the road again

just after their mad romp around the house


  1. I liked that fluff piece. I sure am glad that dog decided to adopt you.

  2. You two are definitely the best thing that ever could have happened to that dog!

  3. Lots of fun with that pup. The cat still has a bit of a wary look, but seems amused with her energy.Lots of love has made her a part of your family.

  4. I could look at pictures of animals all day long. It is always good to smile and I am doing that now.

  5. I love these pics! My favorite is the one of her looking out the car window. Looks like a painting.

  6. such a lovely little pup, those EYES! , I think you got lucky with that one!

  7. I don't dare go to the local humane society because I know I'd wind up with cat or a dog. Better that I enjoy your family!


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