Saturday, May 7, 2016

two tests

I've always said I was about as white as it gets (something I take no particular pride in) and now it seems I was right. My sister sent away for one of those DNA tests to see where we originated. The results came back 100% northern and western European.

57% England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland

32% Germany, France

8% Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

2% European Jewish (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Israel)

1% Finland

So, boring, and no great surprise as all the family lines that my sister, who is into genealogy, has pushed back (as far back as the 900s in Denmark in one line) have been from those very countries (with the exception of the last 3%). So the few family uncorroborated stories of some Native American in the mix are just that, stories, and my guess is that the European Jewish is from the German heritage and the Scandinavia is from Vikings that settled in England et al. Interesting that they separated Finland from the rest of Scandinavia.


The second test is for the soil that I bought. I spent $140 on 4 yards of vegetable mix dirt from a reputable dirt yard and everything I plant in those raised beds, dies, or if it doesn't outright die, it turns yellow and does not grow and drops it's leaves. I thought the tomatoes and peppers and squash and japanese eggplant were nipped and stunted by the late frost we had soon after I planted but the new tomatoes and squash are faring no better. So I went down to the extension office yesterday and picked up some soil sample bags and will send them off to A&M for analysis. I expect that it will show that the dirt is too 'hot' and that the compost hasn't cured properly yet. Hopefully it will mellow out for the fall garden.


  1. My sister researched my Dad's family back to Germany, no big surprise, since my maiden name is Schultze. Both his parent's families immigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany. So odd, though that she chose my Dad's line to research, since he is not her biological father. She found Mother's family to be beneath her .....

  2. My brother in law has wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars and the same number of hours planting a garden, which has failed yearly for ten years. For at least eight I have suggested he have the local soil and water district test the soil. I've even pointed out they are less than five miles straight down the road. Oh, no, he could grow a garden. He always had an excuse--early spring, late spring, not enough rain...
    This year my sister had the soil tested. It needs major remediation. I think it's past his ability, now.

  3. I've done a little light searching through the ancestry records, but I'm reluctant to get involved in DNA testing because of reports like this. I'm not exactly one of them-thar conspiracy weirdos, but I do try to pay attention. On the other hand, that soil test service is great. I've heard people talk about it on the Houston garden shows, and some have been able to really improve their gardens. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.

  4. Ellen, this is unbelievable, but that is almost to the T what I am! Truly!
    No wonders I like you :)

  5. I have seen the DNA testing and it sounds interesting. I am 4th generation here in the states, but little was preserved before that.Hope the soil test solves a problem, nothing grows in the old feed lot at the farm except a few straggler weeds on the edges.

  6. You are a marvelous detail person. May your life always be so rich and detailed!

  7. From stories I've heard I think it best not to look closely into my background. Hope you had a terrific weekend.

  8. It's funny that you talk about a dna test and a dirt test in the same breath! The 1% Finnish is actually amazing. It explains a lot about you! The Finns are distinct, with a language that is closer to Hungarian than to any of the Scandinavian languages. You're one of a kind, Ellen.

  9. Our family have all done the genetic testing thing, 23 and me, which is pretty cool, they keep sending updates as new drugs are developed to tell you if you have the genetic make up that will not respond well. I, too, am so very white going way back! We could be related...way back related...though I have no Finn, just Swede and Norwegian...close, maybe! Wondering if the dirt would cool down using lots of water, or beer. Yeah, drunk dirt, that'll be good for what grows!

  10. My dad did a test like that but it was the one that was showing migratory patterns & didn't break it down like yours. He was pretty disappointed. I might have a different one done & see what happens. It could be interesting. Or not :)


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