Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ellen channels Mary Moon or what I did Thursday and Friday and rain

Well, I have gotten almost nothing accomplished this week. I did finish the dog butt on Wednesday and then cleaned off my desk. Thursday we went to see Captain America: Civil War which we enjoyed and the Avengers with the exception of Iron Man and Vision and maybe Black Widow are now wanted criminals in hiding and as usual lots of stuff was destroyed.

The shopping district in Rosenberg where the movie theater is is divided by the highway with only two bridges, one at each end so after the movie we crossed over and went to the liquor warehouse to stock up, then crossed over again to go to Best Buy to buy a new TV. We have been watching a 24” and wanted to upgrade to a 28”, keeping it small because the bookcase we use for the TV, cable, and internet stuff is only 30” wide plus I don't want a TV so big it dominates the room. But then we looked at a 32” which was only 29.7” wide. That should fit we told ourselves. So we came home with a new 32” TV. Turns out the inside dimension of the book case is 29.5” so it's wedged in there a little on the slant. Still dicking around with the picture quality though and since we bought the cheapest one they had we can't decide if we just haven't adjusted it properly or if the quality is just really bad. So we may take it back and exchange it for one that costs a little more. We have 14 days to decide.

Then we checked out the Aldi, the no frills cheap prices grocery store chain that doesn't supply bags or boxes for you to put your purchases in and you have to use a quarter to get a cart. You get your quarter back when you return the cart. It's like a warehouse, kind of like Costco but much smaller and far less obvious organization. They have meat and dairy and produce but they didn't have the Rice Dream that I have replaced the soy milk with (did I post about this, my deciding not to drink soy milk anymore, I don't think so) so...I gave up milk for reasons I won't go into decades ago and I finally read enough pros and cons of soy milk and decided not to drink it anymore and I was looking for a substitute and in the meantime I was back to drinking milk and oh my god it tasted awful and I had tried almond milk which I thought was so nasty I poured the rest of it down the drain and besides it really has very little almonds in it and I wasn't about to make my own no matter how easy some people claim it is and someone suggested Rice Dream and since I do like the Mexican drink made from rice whose name escapes me right now horchata! and I tried it and liked it and I can't get it in Wharton.

So back over the bridge again to the Kroger which is beginning to look more like a Target but with a much bigger food department to get that and then back over the bridge again to get on the highway back home going in the right direction.

Not a very well planned out expedition.

Friday I went into the city to drop off the mylar drawings for the prints and enlargements, had lunch with my son and a quick dash into Marshalls because rumor had it they had a bunch of Tom's shoes (none in my size, 2 pair in his) but I did get a badly needed new yoga mat because my old one is full of divots at each end from my toenails which I apparently don't trim on a regular basis, then trips to various grocery establishments to stock up on stuff we can't get out there (short grain brown rice for example), pick up my prints and head back hoping to beat the holiday traffic at the bridge over the Brazos River which narrows down from about 5 lanes to two (not best but not too bad) to get home before the storm that was deluging the hill country with 20 inches of water falling again passed over us which I did and it did and the yard was littered with small and larger branches Saturday morning and a big branch off a neighbor's pecan that fell in the shop yard.

I'll tell you what, for all the times I have wished for riverfront property I am really glad I don't own any right now. This is the third deluge this spring and these small towns on the rivers are getting hammered and the city still floods when so much rain falls at once and I think the Colorado as well as the Brazos is supposed to go into flood stage again and they have issued flood warnings and mandatory evacuation orders again.

It seems lately it's drought or deluge, nothing in between, and we are due even more rain next week.


  1. I love a fast paced post. It sounds like you've been drinking a lot of coffee - with rice milk:)
    My favorite is short grain brown rice too. It is hard to find though, what is that about?
    PS: I see Mary comin' right through that.

  2. So I somehow skipped over your headline, and then as I was reading the post I thought, "Wow, Ellen is starting to sound a lot like Mary!" Ha! You definitely achieved the desired effect.

  3. My mom shopped at Aldi's in Grain Valley, Missouri, back in the 80s. Did you know that Aldi's is the low-cost version of Trader Joe's? Yup -- same German corporation. Here's a little more info. You may know all this, but I only learned it recently. I still haven't been to a Trader Joe's.

  4. Why are detailed accounts of other people's errands so interesting? Hard to say, but they are. And yet, definitely Mary-like!

  5. Hi, Ellen. Watching the DFW News pictures of Wharton, please let us know how you are faring what with all that water and more to come!
    Do hope all is well in your corner!!!

  6. I swear I commented here on Sunday (unless I commented somewhere else which is very possible, I was on my phone) but what I said was that you have been busting ass while Mary Moon was being a happy little slug.
    This weather is making outdoor activities so unpleasant. To say the least.
    OH! And the rice drink is Horchata. Right? I love it too. Supposed to be very good for hangovers. Not that I'd ever need to know that....
    Your title made me giggle.

  7. Each weather report from your state sounds more ominous. I hope you are still on high ground and the rain stops soon.


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