Sunday, October 4, 2015

two ordeals

We went to see the Martian on Friday. First showing on opening day is how we like to do it. No crowds, great seats.

You might remember that I read the book and reviewed it in last spring's list. Back when I was still reading. Which hasn't improved that much since so far this quarter I've only read one book. Granted that book was 839 (numbered) pages. But it's also misleading as there were a fair number of pages with just a few words on them and large type faces and double spacing and, well, you'll read all about it later.

So, back to The Martian, a great book, which I recommend everyone reading, and a great movie. The movie was long, 2 hours and 21 minutes, and even so they left out so much and the result of that is that I didn't feel like they adequately portrayed how clever the main character was or really what an ordeal he went through. They basically cut out the whole trip from the Ares 3 site to the Ares 4 site among other things and changed the ending a bit. But all that aside, Matt Damon did a great job and the visuals of Mars and in space are fantastic.

Go see it.


We're invited to a black tie wedding next weekend. I finally got around to heading into (small town but much bigger than Wharton) Rosenberg to the nearest shopping mecca because I needed a dress to wear. Well, that was a fucking ordeal...trying to buy a fancy dress in small town USA. 'Oh, you have to go to the mall for that' says one unhelpful clerk. Yeah, right. I avoided malls even when I lived in the city.

I did find a dress I like well enough at the ONE store that had any kind of fancy dresses (which as it turned out was the first store out of 5 that I went to and I bought as a fall back in case I couldn't find anything else and involved an altercation with the cashier because she didn't know what the fuck she was doing and when I tried to apologize for the misunderstanding on her part!, she walked off while I was speaking to her), shorter than I would have liked (just below my knees), but the alternative was going into the city.

I don't know if you can see the low scoopy drapiness of the front.

Then I decided, while I was at a different store, that I probably needed a bra or else be very careful not to lean over. I haven't worn a bra for 46 years, that's how small my boobs are (and calling them boobs is a bit of a stretch). I tried on one of those push up bras. Nothing happened. Alrighty then, no cleavage for you. Plus, I could not find a single bra size 36A in the store, had to settle for 34A. I'm sure watching me try on about 8 different bras was highly entertaining. It's a good thing no one else was in the changing rooms because I was being pretty vocal. So now I'm looking for one of those extensions my sister tells me they sell. Either that or some grosgrain ribbon and some eyes for the hooks. Oh well. I'll only have to wear it once.

Now I have the impossible before me...trying to find a pair of women's dress shoes with no heel, cause this girl does not wear high heels.


  1. It's a very pretty dress and now you have it in case you're invited to another event which requires such a thing. The bra? Jeez. I'm so sorry you have to go through that.
    Hey! You live in Texas- can't you just wear a nice pair of boots with that dress? I think red cowgirl boots would be perfect.
    You know we will want a picture of you IN the dress. Right?

  2. Think I was happy renting my last tux. I have one suit I call my marrying or burying outfit.Got to have one just in case I do either or both.

  3. I think ordeal is an understatement.You would find me in my best blue jeans (and I own some very navy blue and creased ones), a jacket (though I have some artsy fartsy vests to put over my blouses), and my very best New Balance sneaks, though I am down to my last pair of them at the moment. Taking my granddaughters to the mall for the second earring piercings was beyone my limit.

  4. OOh so funny!!! You sound just like me. If I wear shoes, they're birkenstocks. Ooh I do have hiking boots...hahaha!!! I hate buying bras too...I have some very old ones that I still wear if need be, and I mean "very old". I don't have any good purses, no dress coats, no dresses. I do live in the a big city and still hate shopping and gawd only knows how long it's been since I've been to a mall...

  5. My mother had broken her foot the year before and she complained she could not wear any shoes to my daughters wedding, so she wore tennis shoes. I am sure she could have found comfortable dress shoes, but she was trying to make a statement.

  6. We saw The Martian yesterday and really enjoyed it.

  7. Glad to hear The Martian is good! Dave is really looking forward to seeing it. I'm not sure it's even open in the UK yet.

    A black tie wedding. Oh, Lord. That would stress me out too. I've just about decided I'm not going to ever go anywhere again where i can't get away with a sportcoat at most.

  8. I SO feel for you. At this very moment I'm lying in a state of collapse after spending an entire day at grandson #1's Bar Mitzvah. It was the triple whammy of stockings (no, I am NOT willing to go bare legged), heels that made my bunion wake up with a vengeance, and a dress that I originally thought woul be comfortable but turned out to require 10 hours of sucked-in stomach.
    I'm now in my comfy jeans and no longer have to scream over a DJ making conversation with people I don't know.

  9. I wore plain black flats to my daughter's wedding ..... $17 at Target.

  10. The bra extension is on its way :) What size shoe do you wear? I might can help you there too. Ha!

  11. I hate to shop for "fancy" duds. They always lanquish in my closet and I don't seem to need them again, until I get rid of them and then here comes another invitation to some silly something or other.
    On another subject. Would you please message me and send me you new address. I have something that wants to come and live with you. Oma Linda

  12. I usually wear some kind of black cami or sports bra under low cut dresses. They are comfortable and bring the neck line up and fit anyone. Of course my fashion sense is so acute that people think I am homeless half the time.

  13. I'm with you on the Martian, both book and movie. We went with a couple who had not read the book and they loved the movie, but my husband and I felt that the 2:21 flew by and we would have gladly watched longer for more of the book. Our theater was half full, I heard more laughing at this one that at Trainwreck. Ridley Scott and Matt Damon did a great job.

    Love your dress, and I feel your bra struggles. Nobody makes one big enough for my rib cage but small enough for my cup size. I bought those extenders from Amazon, they help a little.

    Good luck with shoes, and like Mary, hope you post a picture of you all dressed up.

  14. Here they are: my black woven flats. Well, not exactly -- mine certainly weren't Bottega Veneta. I think I got them at Dillards, a couple of decades ago. I usually end up wearing them once or twice a year, and they do fine. Other than that, I have work boat shoes, and dress boat shoes, and worn out boat shoes for washing the car and such.

    If you look very closely at the text, you'll find that Dante included shopping malls in his little meditation on hell.

  15. I know how hard it is to find dressier clothes in a small town and feel your frustration. Of course you had me laughing out loud with the bra woes. You chose a lovely dress. Hopefully we'll see pictures of you all dressed up at the wedding.

  16. I like the dress, and agree with the shopping woes. Small town Wisconsin lacks as well. I have a gorgeous dress I bought on a whim a few years ago and have worn exactly once to a banquet. I have since gained so much weight that if I can even get zipped I'm sure to look like 3 lbs of sausage in 1 lb of casing but I just can't part with dress. Go figure.


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