Monday, July 6, 2015

summer week 3

Another busy week gone by. A week ago Sunday I drove into the city to pick up grandgirl Autumn, also 17 this year, also in the Honor society and takes AP classes in school, works as a counselor at the gymnastics gym, is in the leadership of the youth group, and went to California this year to a competition with the Business Club. No grand plan from this one to paint and rearrange a room though, just our normal whirlwind of activity.

Not long after we arrived here, my daughter and son-in-law and Jade and Robin came in. Sarah and Mike dropped the girls off and went to their 5 acres on the other side of town to clear a swath for the fence they want to put up along the street of their property. I took the three girls over to my sister's to see their two (first) cousins (once removed) visiting from New Mexico.

My sister and her two grandgirls were going to the beach on Monday so Autumn and I tagged along.

The rest of the week was full of activities. It finally stopped raining long enough to make it worth it to set up the pool. We put together the glass flowers from the small plates, bowls, votives, etc. that I have been collecting for about a year and a half from all the estate sales and resale shops.

We went to yoga (and that's me doing the full on headstand),

Autumn tie-dyed craft aprons for herself and her sisters,

painted a rocket ship bird house for the yard and a small bird house ornament,

we did the shops,

we went to the movies and saw Spy which was very funny (Autumn was the only teenager in the almost full of old people theater). There wasn't a great selection of movies to choose from and she didn't want to see Jurrasic World or the new Terminator movie because she hasn't seen any of the Jurassic Park movies (and her grandfather and I had already seen Jurassic World) or any of the Terminator movies which I didn't think was even possible.

Her parents and her twin came out for fireworks (the other two siblings were elsewhere).

And the big accomplishment was that she wanted to learn how to drive. She went from practicing in a big parking lot to driving on an empty country road to small neighborhoods with little traffic to actual main roads with real traffic.

I had intended to cut the stencil today for the job we should have done last week but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.


  1. The heck with the stencil. We can drive!

  2. Go ahead and brag on that headstand. I now am going to no longer visit your blog as I am so depressed. Lifted weights yesterday and got sciatica and sitting today!! You do know I am just kidding(?)


  3. Tabor - if it makes you feel any better, I can't do the Crow.

  4. Been a while since I offered driving lessons. I remember yelling, "Hit the break!". Lots of fun, you are really lucky to have them over.

  5. I just love that you do this. Have each grandchild over for a special week of his or her own. They will never forget this. Ever.
    And woman! Look at you doing that headstand!
    Am even more in awe of you than ever. Wasn't sure that was possible but there you go.

  6. You didn't cut that stencil but you sure kept busy.

  7. What a great weekend! Your grandkids are SO LUCKY!!!

  8. Well, good grief, that's a busy week. The glass flowers are cool-looking!

  9. You had yourself a very busy.......and interesting week. Your grands are so wonderfully achieved and have such varied interests. I know you are a very proud Granny. xoxo Linda

  10. What a fun place to visit. Every teen on the planet would enjoy themselves there.


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