Thursday, May 21, 2015

rain results

Our sky the other day when I was trying to get some stuff planted.

Some of you might remember how much I moaned all winter and spring about all the rain and overcast days we had and are still having but I have to say all the plant life is loving it. I haven't seen all the green life so lush in a decade due to the state of drought our state has been in. I think that's been pretty much remedied this year, at least in my part of the state.

All the spring bloomers are done and the summer flowers are taking center stage. The altheas have always been reliable bloomers but this year only two of the nine shrubs are blooming and they are just covered with enormous blossoms, easily half again as big as last year. The other seven either have no blooms or just a few.

And the day lilies are sending up copious amounts of bloom stalks.

Lest you think they are all pink...

The elephant garlic get so tall they tend to fall over.

The purple coneflowers are putting on their display.

The walking iris will plant itself where it blooms as long as it's in the ground and not a pot on the patio.

The downside of all this rain is that the mosquitos also love it. It's nearly impossible to go out in the mornings and evenings without being swarmed.


  1. Add some mint here and there where you might sit and appreciate all this beauty and mosquitoes may not bother you as much. I love all the color you have here.

  2. I've always known altheas as Rose of Sharon. Mom liked them, dad called them weeds and kept them severely at bay along the fence line of the yard. When I had a fence line around my back yard, mom and I planted them, one at every post and one in the middle. They rooted easily in my damp, lake plain soil, and had made a good start on a hedge by the time I sold the house.

  3. yup, we have so much standing water everywhere, the skeeters are thick. we got another 2 inches of rain this morning - rivers running across the yard like i haven't seen in YEARS! most of the local lakes are brimming for the first time in 4 or 5 years, here. nice to see!

  4. My sister-in-law who lives near Waco on a lake finally has water under her dock. She's mighty happy.
    Yes. The plant life is thrilled, even here where we haven't gotten as much rain as you but quite a bit. The mosquitoes are also thrilled here, too.
    Well. I guess it all evens out.

  5. Ooh I love the pink daylilies!

  6. you have some nice flowers around you. I am getting out to plant a bunch more today.

  7. How gorgeous it all looks - blossom here has been overflowing this spring - the wind is fluttering all the apple petals now

  8. Oregon is having a drought that's severe in the east and not so bad here in the Willamette Valley, although it's still the worst I've seen in my 27 years in the area. What’s worse, we ALWAYS have very dry summers (and very wet winters), so since we didn’t get our usual rain in the winter, summer is looking grim. Of late, though, we’re at least getting enough rain to keep the grass growing. Still, they’re talking about the rivers not having enough water to get us through the summer.

  9. I was just telling Dave that I do not miss the mosquitoes in the states! Things look great in your yard!

    It's hard to beat a simple day lily. I love them. We have some too but they're doubles or triples, which I don't like nearly as much.


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