Friday, May 8, 2015

flowers and films

I've been taking a lot of pictures of a lot of the same things like the easter lilies 

and the wildflowers with the queen anne's lace and the clasping coneflowers ascendant, 

the larkspur, 

the coming on day lilies. 

The poppies are gone and I'm collecting seeds. I've been working on the grounds over at the shop too. I have two, three really, areas that I am starting to landscape: around the concrete bunker, on the far left side (the west side), and in front under the awning. I'm also eyeing the light and sign poles as starting points...banana trees next to one of the light poles, put up some poultry fencing between the old sign poles and plant the desert willow trumpet vine waiting patiently in a pot, the bougainvillea against the west side of the old dog pen. Once established, these will take no care. I need to do another section around the bunker which already has the pony tail palm, spider lilies, yellow angel trumpet flower, and love in a mist in between. Oh, and a great start on baby blue eyes too.

My newest effort was clearing about 10 feet of stuff along the west side of the building and planting some morning glory bush cuttings on the corner and an angel trumpet farther down and scattered some fall blooming cosmos seeds between them. I've been working mornings while it is in the shade over there. Even so, I sweated buckets today. By the end of the month it will be too hot to work outside no matter what part of the day you try to do it. So, since this is bearing down on me and I still have lots of things I want to get in the ground, that's what I am doing, working on business matters in the afternoon.

Unless I'm going to the movie.

We went to see two movies this week. After our very happy clients left with their piece Tuesday morning, we hopped in the car and went to see The Avenger's Age Of Ultron since we had postponed the birthday movie to this week.

We would have changed our mind and gone to see Ex Machina except it wasn't playing at the theater. We totally enjoyed The Avenger's as we are fans of the genre but decided that when we went in to the city on errands, we would go see the other. So on Thursday, we did.

We were glad we had seen The Avenger's first because this film, Ex Machina, is a good film but it is not exciting in the general Hollywood fashion. It is more cerebral and there are really only three characters, or four, one who doesn't speak and all the scenes are one on one. The trailer makes it seem more flashy and exciting than it is and that's probably to attract people. It's about artificial intelligence, a kind of creepy billionaire genius, and the person he selects to conduct the 'test' to see if his creation passes for real. It's a film that makes you think and it's a bit edgy with full frontal female nudity and there is some build-up to the film's finish. I enjoyed it but don't go see it thinking it's a flashy with lots of action sci-fi film.


  1. glad you had some free time to go to the movies. and glad your client was happy. :)

    your gardening/landscaping skills impress the heck out of me. i have almost none. :)

  2. That's a lotta work! I cannot imagine it without help.

  3. I want wildflowers like that! I just don't want to dig into the concrete that is my yard to get them...

    We never go to the movies anymore - but I'll bet I'd like those. Is Ex Machina based on a book? I'd probably like that even more :)

  4. Your garden is wonderful. Mrs. Chatterbox wants to see "The Avengers" on Mother's Day so we'll be seeing it on Sunday.

  5. I love wildflowers, well flowers of any kind. I only plant perennials. I love the others, but just don't have the energy or the ambition to plant annuals.

  6. Lovely blooms, you have a very nice selection. Iris are coming out here. I would like to see the Avenger movie, it sounds a lot of fun.

  7. You yard is rally looking much nicer than mine. I am not looking forward to the remnants of this tropical storm coming our way.

  8. I worked in my gardens yesterday and it was hot, hot, hot! Too soon, too soon.

    Everything looks lovely around your house.

  9. well that second clip looks might intriguing, I would make a effort to see it...when it comes out on HBO or SHO time. I am that lazy! I have not yet even planted my Poppy seeds! The sun only just came out this afternoon!

  10. The garden looks great, as usual! We have some wildflower seeds we still have to get in the ground. I think that's the plan for today, actually.

    I am SO OUT OF THE LOOP when it comes to movies. I haven't heard of either of these. Of course, release dates are different for the UK, so maybe they're not even here yet.


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