Friday, September 21, 2012

work, blooms, and pecans

Having work again is kicking my ass. The whole shuttling back and forth thing is a pain too leaving me little time to surf the internet, visit blogs, or impose myself on social networks.


I know, it's heartbreaking, right?

This is our schedule:

Monday – office work and button down the country house, try to remember all the things we need to take with us for the week, and head into the city.

Tuesday, Wednesday – work in the temporary shop. The first two weeks, I cut stencils while Marc worked on getting the sandblasting equipment and booth set up. The third week (this week), he blasted while I tried to make some progress on a sample doing metal leaf or working on some compositional sketches for a pair of doors.

Thursday – more of the same and then return home but yesterday the blaster was being balky. Too much moisture in the line caused Marc to have to stop frequently to get it unstopped or try to increase the flow. Frustrating. And a problem to be dealt with next week.

Friday – sleep late! And more office work and lots of piddling around the yard or doing house stuff.

Saturday – I work at the store.

Sunday – my freaking day off.

Back before we finally moved permanently, back when we had regular work or as regular as it ever gets for us, one of the first things I would do upon getting here is walk the yard to see what there was to see.

And so that is what I did and there were some very nice surprises.

This was the most unexpected. We've had this little water lily for many years and it bloomed right after we got it and never since. You might remember that this spring I moved the small pond into a sunnier location and it has rewarded me.

I also saw that a couple of the little yellow rain lilies were enticed by the recent rain.

The miniature amaryllis had sprung up.

And the first of the mature ripe pecans have fallen. I think we are going to have a good crop this year. Maybe our best so far.


  1. i know this schedule must be exhausting and frustrating for you. i hope as things progress, it gets more routine.

    the water lily is beautiful!

  2. I remember when I first moved out here a year and a half ago how I wondered what I would do with all the time. So, I started blogging and came to love empty days with nothing to do but walk in nature and blog. Now that I'm going to start working again next week, I wonder where I will find the time. Such is life.

  3. Lovely flowers! We have some daisies (still!) and mums, but everything else is winding down...

    I always get stressed when work gets busy & I don't have time to read my blogs :)

  4. I know what you mean, it is hard to stop and smell the roses. Whenever I do stop .... I want to just sleep. Wrong time of year for that. The weather is so beautiful that I try to cram too much into each day. My mums I planted last year were the tiny cheap ones, now they are huge mounds and ready to pop. My trees are dropping leaves, but the cosmos are golden and full of blooms.

  5. The water lily is fabulous. We walked a trail last weekend and the girls found hickory nuts and black walnuts. Looks like plenty for the squirrels this year.

  6. It sounds like an exhausting schedule but how rewarding to be doing what you love. I so admire artists.

    That water lily is just gorgeous!

  7. That water lily is amazing! It's hard to be busy, but it's good too, isn't it? I find myself hating it and loving it at the same time.

  8. Oh my gosh I love water lilies!! So beautiful
    Sounds like a grueling work schedule.
    Try to be good to yourselves.

  9. Dandy photos. Sounds like hard work but at least it's at something you love.


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