Monday, September 24, 2012

digging and packing

Today starts the work cycle again. I think I'll primarily be working on the drawings for the mountain wall. I received the files on Friday and I think they'll work. Now I have to get them printed out and figure how I'm going to make them into patterns.

At this rate we're going to be late getting our winter garden in.


We are already late getting our winter garden in.

I've been working this weekend on getting the grass and weeds out that grew unrestrained during the summer while it was too hot to do any sort of chores except water the plants and I intended to finish that yesterday but then I remembered that I had to box up and send off three pieces to a gallery for a show that opens in October.

The gallery owner doesn't actually want them to arrive before Friday but if I don't send them off this morning, they won't get sent til next Monday because this little transplanted city girl is not willing to brave waste her time at the post office in the city. Not when she can leave the house, go to the bank, go to the post office, and be back home in 15 minutes or less out here in this little country town.

A line at the post office is maybe two people in front of you and that's if you go at lunch time.

So I abandoned the garden and started wrapping up and boxing for shipping the aforementioned works.

I didn't get 'Ode To A Peach' finished in time for the opening and I didn't get the three large botanica erotica pieces finished and displayed like I mused I might much to the gallery owner's disappointment but I have promised them to her when they are finished. The show will go for a while so I hope to get it sent before it is over.

Well, I'm off to work in the city for another week.  If things go well, we might finish the map wall.


  1. good luck on the pattern-making! cannot imagine working on such different scales of size. :)

  2. The gallery is so lucky to get anything at all! Your work is really amazing.

  3. I so relate to the post office dilemma. Use our tiny village post office and brave the mean postmistress or go to the big town post office and balance those boxes in a long line AND brave the postal postal workers at the counter.

  4. I find the postal workers here in medium size town to be a bit full of themselves and the ones down south were always happy and kind. City vs country.
    I love these pieces Ellen! Such big boxes for such little things. Do you ever make more than one so you can keep one for yourself?

  5. Beautiful work. Entrusting your glass art to the post office must be slightly scary!

    A winter garden, now there's an idea that we ponder year after year, but never get around to doing.

  6. I don't get to go to our small town post office that often (& actually, I reckon our town isn't that small compared to yours), but the ladies at the post office near where I work are great. But the lines are long - no matter WHEN I go.

  7. Your little winter garden can wait, can't it? Creating your beautiful pieces and getting paid is good too, yes?

  8. I have never seen a short line at a post office, even here in England.

    Kerry said what I was thinking, too -- it must be nerve-wracking to entrust your creations to the postal service!

  9. I like your work! It almost has an Asian look to it. Think I know some transplants who would be intrigued. Don't worry about the winter garden just yet - Texas winters continue to shrink, don't they? Good to be back here again....EFH

  10. Sorry I've been missing in action too so missed a couple of your blogs - now playing catch-up. Lovely shots from in your garden ... three bags of onion sets arrived a week or so ago and I need to get out and plant them before the end of the month - which is Sunday. So that's my weekend taken care of.


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