Monday, November 28, 2011

post holiday or holiday post

I've started several posts since my last, the 'S' post, but didn't get farther than a paragraph or two with either of them.

I see I've gained a dozen or so new 'followers' in the last several weeks and I want to welcome them. If they are still here, that is. After my last two posts they might have backpedaled. But that's what you get with me. Nothing is too sacred or embarrassing for me to prattle on about.


It's the day after three long days of wax model making, one long day of mold filling and cooking, another day of cooking and sharing a feast on Thanksgiving and from then through the weekend the house is filled with grandkids and the refrigerator is filled with food enough that I shouldn't have to fix anything else all day. And that's saying something because they can eat a lot.

I'm taking the day off, not doing any kind of work. I'm hanging out with my g'kids, teens now except for the youngest who is nearly 11. This time though the three oldest came equipped with laptops and iPod Touchs. We've sprinkled poppy seeds liberally around the yard, they've covered the concrete apron with rainbow drawings, the g'boy has been getting target practice with the BB gun and cans, new murals are taped up over the windows in my workroom, the weather has been near perfect.

Continuing on with my first attempt, I was really very surprised (and delighted as well) to see that Hilary of The Smitten Image chose my 'S' post to include in her feature Posts Of The Week last Wednesday, Nov. 23. Thanks, Hilary. There was another one I haven't acknowledged yet last August 24, my post 'Lessons'. So double thanks. If you don't know Hilary, go visit her place, she takes the most amazing photos.

Continuing with my second attempt, well, I guess there isn't really a continuation. We woke up to rain on Saturday morning and it rained off and on til about 1 PM. We're still very behind on our rainfall but at least we are starting to get some now. After it cleared up we went to the little re-sale shop the kids love, visited my sister, and tried unsuccessfully to fly a kite since it was gusty and not windy.

Having the g'kids here is all consuming. They didn't monopolize my computer this time since they have all their own devices now but they did monopolize my time. It's still my favorite song...Granny, Granny, Granny. So. I am woefully behind not only in my reading of many wonderful posts but also in my own posting. This month will be the fewest times I have posted since I started but this month has been very busy.

You know, I'm a working woman now with my part time job at Miss Hattie's since the commission work has been very sparse the last year and a half and we taught the workshop and I'm trying to get some things made for the open house and studio sale next weekend and Thanksgiving and having the g'kids for three days and next Thursday is clean-up and set-up day at the studio and Friday I'm sitting in on a refresher day with the printing on glass instructor to finally get these pictures done and the Memory box finished and then the open house over the weekend and whew!

Anyway, here's a few pictures from the last several days:

Wax flower with pre-cast bee inclusion.

The three girls had a rainbow contest.

Later, the twins drew a giant birthday card for their dad whose 40th was Friday. They wouldn't let Robin help. You can see their opinion of 40 on the far left.

Mikey shooting cans.

They ate several of the fruits off our miniature pomegranate.

Spied this little grasshopper on a rose.


  1. I see you have some amazing, innovative artists in the family ... Following in Grandmother's footsteps?

  2. Glad you all had such great weather for the chalking! They did a wonderful job - I see they get their talent naturally! :)

    We are going to get more rain tomorrow- I really wish it would be snow, but we actually hit a record of 72 degrees yesterday! lol

  3. love the chalk work! good luck getting caught up on life again, dearie! i'd need a 2 day nap!

  4. Nice to see you back Ellen!

  5. Hey Ellen...nice to see you back. Also great to see you made it into POTW at Hilary's.
    Well you know I love, the Granny, Granny, Granny song with slightly different words. I know you have enjoyed every moment.
    Oma Linda

  6. Ugh, grandmothering is tiring! I see that art comes naturally to all of the offsprings.

  7. Wondered if your flower was a pansy, a very nice shape.Your activity sounds so fun,I enjoy having my drive colored in.I always look forward to Hillary posting the weekly picks, they are such a good read.

  8. Congrats on the post award! I liked that S post.

    I love sidewalk chalk art. In summertime, sometimes I see some when I am delivering.

  9. It looks like the kids have inherited your enormous creativity.

    I love your latest work!!! If only I had money, I would sit at stare at one of your boxes all day long. Seriously.

  10. You can tell that creativity is in the family genes. Love that colourful chalk art and your macro shot of the hopgrasser is wonderful. Thanks for the shout-out, Ellen.

  11. I have been busy with my g'kids too! Blessed times for both of us!
    Love the chalk drawings!!

  12. belated congrats on POTW
    that was a great post
    as was the one before about the holiday madness, I want to hug you and say amen

    I love the driveway art, very talented and adorable kids

  13. Great miscellaneous blog post - and the "S" post was terrific.

  14. It sounds like lots of fun to me, you certainly have a colourful yard now.

  15. Boy I missed reading blogs for a few days & had almost 200 posts to catch up on! Fortunately I don't comment on all of them.

    Love the chalk art - and the bee & flower. I like that you're busy - as long as you give us an update every now & then.

  16. Whoa girl! That is a lot for one mighty post! Love the bee in a flower and the grasshopper in a real flower and the real kids making not so real rainbows.

  17. My goodness, such artfulness in your family! Loved the chalk drawings--my kids love to cover the driveway with their chalk art. It's always sad when it gets washed away in a rainstorm. Oh, but they're persistent....

    Congrats on your POTW, again!, from Hilary. :)

  18. Granny granny granny is indeed an awesome song, or so I hear from my sisters (who are both grandmas).

    Love the chalk drawings! All those rainbows - wow.

    And as for you - Ellen you are a force of nature. I don't know how you do it! Wow.

  19. Your place sounds like a hive of activity, all youth and noise, food and art: it doesn't get any better.

    The bb guns we had as kids could barely knock over the tin cans we set up for them; I wonder if they've gotten more powerful nowadays?

  20. Congrats on being featured, lovely!

    Now I'm going back to stare at the beautiful card; what a beautiful thing to do.

  21. Lot's of little tidbits here. That last photo is neat!


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