Saturday, November 19, 2011

full court press

The holiday season is barreling down upon us.

I'm not happy about that.  

If you've been hanging around for a while you probably know that I don't have much use for religions and even less for the commercial hysteria that has become known as 'Christmas'.  

Since I don't celebrate or participate in christmas, I'm mostly immune to the unreasonable expectations people put on themselves and the ultimate event at this time of year.  Even so it's hard to escape the constant ramming down your throat.

The slow press started before Halloween, with just an off-hand reference to christmas at the end of the ad.  The days that followed Halloween saw one or two commercials referencing christmas but not full on in your face...yet.

And then christmas decorations going up, a christmas movie on TV, christmas music on the radio, all the ads jing ding-a-linging.  Wait.  What's the date?  It's the middle of November, right?  

Yeah, yeah, so what.  Thanksgiving, get out of the damn way.


  1. i do not like the 'full-court press' as you put it either. everything is too commercialized and everyone is too expectant to get everything they want. and i hate the 'forced' aspect of having to buy gifts for folks too. eek! i'm sounding mighty bah humbugish!

  2. I think that I noticed the first reference to Christmas in September. It's just ridiculous. And made worse by the sluggish economy, so that now retailers can't even wait for "Black Friday," but are offering up sales & special deals this weekend, events that I don't remember starting so early in years past.

  3. I dislike having the commercialism of Christmas pushed down my throat.

  4. I am not doing it this year. Not doing one damn bit of Christmas. I feel so relieved. And a tiny bit guilty. So what? I feel guilty about everything.

  5. Hm, I think you got drawn in, just a little. They got you jing ding-a-linging, and I see a little holiday smile in that fun phrase ;)

  6. "...unreasonable expectations people put on themselves..." Ain't that the truth. We work ourselves into a frenzy this time of year. I'm already anxious that I haven't got my lists together yet!

    Some folk put their xmas lights up already. That makes me crazy--poor Thanksgiving, can we give it a little breathing room?

    The commercial aspect of holidays is suffocating--one of the big reasons I stay away from the TV and toss the onslaught of catalogs into the trash. ;)

  7. So I guess I won't be getting a fruit cake from you.
    Well, I'll take my expectations elsewhere Missy :)

  8. When I hear Christmas music, I turn and walk away. I'm going to avoid it at all costs until at least mid-December. Did you know there's a group on FB based around avoiding The Little Drummer Boy? Once you've heard it, you're out of the running. Very funny.

    I hate that song.

  9. I am in your court! Fug it all i say- that's one good reason to catch a flight to the tropics!

  10. I think that it should be a federal law that Christmas advertising could not start until after Thanksgiving,, and that danged record, "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" should be OUTLAWED all together. (sorry Brenda

  11. It is a sad thought, isn't it? It seems like all the noise and shine takes away from the goodness.


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