Tuesday, May 11, 2010

playing hookey

One might think that I've been playing hookey for some time now but one would be mistaken. Although we (still) don't have any work and though I (still) have not done the initial sketches in order to snatch up the two jobs floating out there, I have been (mostly) consistently busy. There is much to do in life that is totally unconnected with earning a living.

There is the watering and maintenance of the garden.

There is my campaign against the fire ants.

There is the continuing problem of why I can't get any decent waxes from the cheap chinese 100% silicone caulk I used for these molds.

There is the blog world.

There are the plumbing woes (now solved but did take up several days).

There are the mice in the attic.

There are the trips to the grocery store (provisions), trips to the library (donating books from our dwindling personal collection), trips to Freddie's (for lunch).

There were all the things done to prepare for the birthday party.

There is the daily inspection of the yard.

So you see, I have not been playing hookey...until yesterday. I had determined that it was Monday, the beginning of the week and I was going to put a good start to it by making a concerted effort to getting these sketches done when Marc came in and said, “Let's go see Ironman II. W'eve got 35 minutes to get there before it starts.” (which is just exactly enough time to hop in the truck and get to the theater in Richmond.)

I thought about it for some time a little while a few minutes a nanosecond ok, I didn't think about it at all and said OK!

So off we went and had a great time. It had been a long time since we went to the movies. Afterwards, we had a late lunch/early dinner out and on the way home stopped and bought a flat of peaches (about 11 pounds) from a neighbor on the next street over from ours who has a small orchard. I've been keeping my eyes out for his sign since I was determined to get some this year having missed them the previous two years.

But now, I really need to get those sketches done.


  1. You've been incredibly busy! I love Robert Downey Jr. and believe it's IMPORTANT go see any film he is in asap.

    Mercury has been retrograde, so really there's been no point in trying to get too many things accomplished. It goes direct this week.

    Your timing is spot on.

  2. But please, promise me this. When doing those sketches please watch out for those fire mice, the bastards are deadly.

  3. I always find May to be a really busy month. Maybe it has to do with shifting the household from winter to summer living. The lawn work, landscaping, planting pots, getting the garden established. Then once the chores are done, that summer ease takes over.

  4. I have to confess..... I did play hookey yesterday! It was cold and rainy and just blah. I put a sign on the door instructing campers to use the night registration and curled up with a quilt on the couch and read the day away!! I feel renewed today and am ready to tackle some chores! We all need a day off!

  5. I don't miss fireants, no I don't. I do have plumbing though, and mine too has been acting up lately.

    I would advise that you not work so hard, but I wouldn't want to interfere with progress, there being a time for working hard, but hopefully not too hard.

  6. You mean life got in the way ...

  7. Sounds busy to me. Reminds me of my retired father (except he's not trying to do any paying work) - I often don't catch him when I call because he's so busy.

    I REALLY wanted to play hookey today - after I got to work I was just out of sorts & annoyed. But I'm already here, so meh. I'll stay.

  8. It is good to have these kinds of days. They replenish your soul and refresh your mind.

  9. Sounds like you have peaches to put up. LOL :)

    I think you have been plenty busy - if you can afford it take a few more days. Nothing like relaxation, eh?

  10. Occaisionally, I dream of a life of leisure, but I know no matter what the resources, I just wouldn't take time off. It's good to know how to just get out and see a movie once in a while. Well done.

  11. PEACHES! already???Wow, the sun do shine over yonder!

  12. Slacker! ;) Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day, and you have me drooling over the thought of peaches.

  13. Mice in the attic, OH MY! hate rodents... That would have me a wreck.

  14. Sounds productive to me - a job called "living your life with appreciation." Good job, Ellen!

  15. Life is good. Spontaneous husband, movie and PEACHES! Lucky you!

  16. 'There is the blog world.'... Interesting to read about your days and how one event leads to the other. Boredom is not one of them.


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