Monday, May 3, 2010

birthday loot

I only get my hair cut about twice a year. I get it cut real short and then I just let it grow until it gets to one of two points. It gets hot enough that I am pulling it back all the time or in my face so much I am pulling it back all the time. I'm ready for my semi-annual haircut especially since the two points have coincided.

I had entertained the notion that I would get my hair cut before my birthday party on the off chance that someone other than me just might use my camera and take a couple of shots. Of me, not the tequila. Just kidding, there wasn't any tequila

moving along...

Apparently, it was low on the priority list.

We had been having the most extraordinary weather last, dry, breezy days with rampant blue skies. So of course, Saturday, summer paid a visit. Saturday was my party. Because Marc had checked the weather forecast (he's clever like that), we knew it was supposed to be hot and humid so with that in mind, we had the AC man out early in the week to check the (very old) central air unit and make sure that everything was in order so we could cool down the house for when our guests arrived. Everything checked out.

About 4 PM Saturday we went to turn it on and...nothing happened. Nothing happened no matter what we did. So I took my now cool shower and twisted my hair up into a little bunlet in the back, put on shorts instead of the pants I had planned to wear and greeted my closest friends and immediate family.

The AC guy did show up after we called and got it going after replacing a part which had shorted out possibly because of a power surge or could have been mice that will chew through wires and insulation.

Anyway, all this is prelude to these all new pictures* of me, taken at 60 years and one day old. Do I look happy?

I was, very.

I got some very cool presents too.

My son and DIL gave me this plum tree.

A garden plaque from friends Carol and Rick.

My daughter and grandkids made these great stepping stones.

This beautiful vase made by our glass blower friends Dick and Kathy.

A fabulous wind chime tuned to 'C' from my sister.

A very pretty necklace, a book on yoga and a year's subscription to The Yoga Journal from friend Phyllis.

And, of course, the party from Marc who planned it and provisioned it.

I am a lucky girl.

* Special thanks to Hilary of The Smitten Image who photoshopped the cabinet handles out for me so my antennae aren't showing.


  1. I'm glad everything turned out well despite the troublesome a/c. Those are some great gifts.. I love the homemade stepping stones. That's such a wonderful idea. You look happy and lovely. :)

  2. Wow ... way to celebrate Ellen !!!
    (and you look fabulous!)

  3. you're entirely you! thank goodness or whatever!! happy day! steven

  4. It is times like these when you know you matter. You are truly treasured.

    Sounds like a wonderful success, especially with all that loot!

    I can only hope I look as good as you do at sixty. Party, party...

  5. You are a lucky girl and undoubtedly a happy one! Clearly your friends know your love of all things natural - such lovely, thoughtful gifts. Life is good.

  6. Very beautiful photos, Ellen! I love all the gardening and nature items, especially those charming stepping stones. A very thoughtful bounty, you are lucky indeed :)

  7. That smile is something to behold Lady - it makes me happy looking at it. Very beautiful you are!

    And the presents - I am stealing the pavers how wonderful [oh, and yes I want the rest, but I am trying to not to be greedy heehee]

    I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday - Happy 60th year to you [oh, and what's the secret - you don't look anywhere NEAR 60 - help me!]

    Love ya!

  8. Hey, kiddo, you're only sixty? How do you stay so young. I wish I could manage it, but the only way I've found is to move my birthday forward a few years, and I've yet to figure out how people do that.

    If I were mean, I would mention that temperatures here in Oregon hasn't gotten higher than about sixty thus far this year. Oh, but how I dread those ten days (on average) of above ninety. Good thing I'm not mean, eh?

  9. Love love love LOVE the pics of you! Soulful gorgeousness. Yeah!!!

    Love, too, the idea of rampant blue skies. It's muggy here already. So early in the season to be laboring under a heavy layer of too-moist air. Oh well. That's life in the swamp.

    Great birthday gifts. People love you. xx

  10. Oh yes you do look happy. What wonderful birthday gifts!!! The plum tree is gorgeous! You look wonderful & are just a few (3 1/2) years behind me! Here's to many more of those great birthdays!

  11. 60 is my next big one, and I anticipate being happy too. I like how your gifts are hand made, so special!

    Happiness looks good on you, and boy do I wish I only had to get my hair cut twice a year!

  12. Happiness, friends, a plum tree? It all sounds wonderful.


  13. I'm a little late, but I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love the vase, and my grandmother had plum trees - we used to love picking and eating the plums, but they sure did a number on our stomachs!

    I had no idea wind chimes could be tuned...or come tuned, I guess, to a certain chord. Interesting.

    I scrolled down and read some more of your posts; your Decade post is brilliant! What a lovely person you must be!

    Happy birthday!

  14. You are very lucky and what fabulous gifts! Love the wind chime and stepping stones! Lookin' good, cher! So glad that you had a fun birthday!

  15. Hey Birthday girl! You look terrific! And very happy! What great gifts you have received. That plum tree is gorgeous as well as that glass vase. Bet those wind chimes sound lovely!?!
    Glad you had a wonderful celebration.

  16. You look radiant!! Happy Birthday. That hand blown vase is amazing. Fun to have such artsy friends.

  17. Happy Birthday. Your received some very thoughtful gifts!

  18. You look very happy and your short hair suits you. Happy sixtieth.

  19. You are a lucky girl! So many people to treasure you. I especially like the garden plaque.
    Keep that beautiful smile. Peace.

  20. You definitely DO look happy - & no wonder! All those fabulous gifts came with people too, didn't they?

    I usually get my hair cut about every six months - just can't be bothered otherwise. I trim my own bangs. If I didn't I'd have to go every 6 weeks instead.

  21. Happy birthday, Ellen! What a slew of beautiful gifts you received. You are obviously loved. :-)

  22. You do look happy! Plus, you've got cheekbones you could camp under.

  23. A very, very HAPPY belated birthday to you.... YAYYYYY

  24. Many many thanks to all. I feel very fortunate at this point in my life. I have so much, so many people who care for me. I am humbled.

  25. Well, you look happy and you don't look a day over 60. Hope you had a truly great time.


    We have two birthdays this week. One today for my daughter, age 23, and one for my husband tomorrow, age 59.

    You do look happy. :-)

  27. I am late in wishing you a happy, happy birthday. You do indeed look happy in the photos - lovely. And that is some great loot!


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