Monday, May 24, 2010

getting energised

I have dawdled and procrastinated and languished and frittered the time away. Now I have a job and can't seem to find the time to do it, still have not finished the sketches for the second proposal. And we have another week long workshop coming up in a couple of weeks at a new facility in Houston. Add to that, school is out this week and the g'kids are lining up for their weeks. Ack!

Sunday we went in town to party hearty with our friend Craig, the tunnel rat. I call him that because he lives in a loft in downtown Houston and his building is connected to the underground tunnel system that connects most of the main buildings downtown. I don't know how much he actually uses the tunnels though. There's a whole sub-culture down there and I expect mutants to emerge any day now.

Anyway, Craig, as you might remember, has joined the Flying Saucer beer pub club and has downed another 200 different beers and has won his second level plate. So we joined him for the unveiling. He's already nearly a quarter of the way to his third level plate.

We stayed over last night and today dismantled Marc's desk and my drawing table and the contents of both thereof, loaded up the truck and hauled it all down here. Took us nearly all friggin' day! I finally brought all the rest of my reference books and files and pictures and STUFF so now one major part of my studio is all here, however dismantled it may be. Because I have a job and need to get the art work done.

So tomorrow, I was planning to put my stuff, at least, back together again so that I could get started but no, I have been informed that my activity tomorrow is to take the truck down to the dealership and get it inspected and have them look at the AC which only seems to work full blast. Turn it down and it goes off. Still, though, I might be able to get my drawing table remantled.

Marc is going to be otherwise occupied you see. I mentioned before that the actual construction phase of our new shop had finally begun. He's gotten a lot of the walls done in sections but not erected yet. Next Sunday, we are planning on a barn-raising, getting our son and a friend here to help 'git it up' so to speak. Which means of course that all the walls have to be finished. So the heat is on in more ways than one.

Oh yes and Thursday, I am back in the city because my twin g'girls are graduating from elementary school. They passed all the necessary standardized tests 'with commendation' (that means they only got one or two questions wrong on each test) and have asked me if I was coming.

You're coming to my graduation, right Granny?”  You betcha honey. 

These are the girls that their whole first year at school did not speak to anyone except each other, barely spoke their second. Their mom split them up after the first year and they have been in separate classes ever since.

So did I mention the heat? It's summer. No denying it. It's hot and humid even though we have been having a nice south wind that helps take the edge off especially if you are in the shade. We've started turning the AC on in the afternoons and then shut if back off when we go to bed. So far the fan is doing us fine at night but I don't see that continuing for very much longer.

Well, I actually do have photos to illustrate this fascinating post and I was going to link to stuff but it's late and I don't feel like messing with it. So...later gators.


  1. You do have quite a task in front of you! Best of luck. Can't wait to see your next work.

  2. You sound remarkably chirpy for someone who has been dismantling furniture all day. Nothing drives me madder. Dismantling I mean, nothing wrong with your chirpiness...

  3. Hi Ellen

    enjoy the girls' special day...they will love you being there.

    Happy days

  4. My g'kids are lined up too! Ack! I have this one job to do and another on the horizon! Sigh! But I wouldn't miss the time I get with the kids...I love it.
    Sounds like you are equally blessed.
    Well slowly but surely your new space is coming together. Soon you will be all set up and working away.

  5. Best of Luck~!

    And its really hot out here too :(

  6. It's been warm here in New England too, unseasonably so. Today will reach 90, in the mid-90s tomorrow. Normal highs are in the 70s for this time of year. But my freshly planted tomato garden loves it, so all is well. In a while, crocodile ...

  7. Another reason to like my 9-5 job - although it doesn't really use my creativity (such that it is). That's what my blog is for!

  8. Seriously you can win plate and advance to different levels by drinking beer? Wow. Who would have thunk it??

  9. Thanks for your input and comments on my blog. I have fond humid memories of visiting my father in Houston many years past. Your summers are brutal.It must be hard to find the energy to do things.

  10. Wow.. you're a busy one, Ellen. I quite envy your being in demand for grandkidlets though.. Enjoy! :)


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