Thursday, March 4, 2010

good thing/bad thing, good girl/bad girl

Last Wednesday we had 11 pieces of glass delivered for the job we are currently working on. I sent two of them right back, two of the three beveled pieces were unacceptable.

Now we are engaged in cutting the stencils and getting the sandblasting done. This is the last of the three big jobs we got deposits for last fall. They have been very nice and patient so we are trying to get the work done as quickly as possible. Well, as quickly as possible for us. They were hoping to have it by Easter and at the end of last year that seemed entirely possible. But there are so many the week we lost in January due to the arctic blast, like it taking twice the amount of time to get the jewels prepared and glued on for the previous job, like losing a week in February while we were in Austin teaching, like spring break coming up and the grandkids wanting to come to the country house. So now Easter is just a heartbeat away and we are only just beginning. When we finish this job though, that is the end of all our scheduled work and the phone has been ominously silent all year.

The silent phone is a good thing/bad thing. It's a bad thing because, of course, no jobs mean no income. The good thing about it is that we have cushion for a little while and we are ready to get back in the studio and do some new pate de verre work.

Because we are trying to be good and get this job done sooner, we're spending more time in the city and more time in the shop. I'm afraid I'm getting behind in my blog reading and posting. And this is the part where I tell you how bad I am, have been. I have chosen not to display awards on my blog that have been given to me. Part of that is because I like a clean look to my blog. Another part of that is because I am not good about following the requirements and passing them on. I am honored, of course, whenever one is awarded to me and I do like to acknowledge them when that happens, but this is the black hole of awards. Whatever comes in never escapes again. And the last several never even got acknowledged, at least not here. I do go over to the giver's blog and say thank you. I kept thinking I would remember (hysterical laughter ensues) who and what and do a post but the days, weeks, months, I'm sorry to say, have slipped by and now I do not remember who and what. Only that there were several. This has floated up to my conscious level today because insomniac ellen of ...this bittersweet symphony has given me a shout out and a link on her blog. Thanks Ellen.

After another long day tomorrow, we will be heading home for clean underwear and grocery shopping and then on Monday, back to the grind.

On a high note though, we seem to have finally broken the back of winter here and I can confidently say that spring has arrived.


  1. I hope the phone doesn't stay silent for much longer! I could ring it, of course, but not sure if that would help!

  2. I hope you get a few calls soon too. At least you have the time for the work now, tho' eh?

    I can't wait to see this set. I always love when you post your work - I can close my eyes and dream about what a piece of your beauty would like in my little country home.

    Like I said - I can dream [need the country home first LOL]

    Have fun and enjoy your spring thaw. They saaaaaaaay it will 55 degrees this weekend and I am hopeful that I can go out for a "roll" [that being a stroll in the wheelchair heehee]

  3. I, too, am very bad at all the blog etiquette things we're supposed to do, like posting awards and passing them along. It takes a great deal of time to keep up with other people's blogs, as enjoyable as it is. Add to that the time it takes to write your own blog and it becomes a full-time job that is hard to afford. I have probably lost some readers and miffed some people because I didn't reciprocate something or other. "Sorry!"

    And just hearing the words "country house" makes me think of you as some kind of famous person.

  4. I hear you on the blog awards, and as pleased as I am to receive them, I'm much the same as you with them. They seem to come in cycles, showing up everywhere for awhile, then all quiets back down. Enjoy your spring weekend.

  5. I am sure that the giver of the awards understands totally.
    This new piece you are working on? Can't wait to see it!!!! Your work is always so fabulous!!
    And I too hope your phone doesn't stay silent.
    Though I would love to see what you are working on.

  6. I hope you get just the right amount of rest and then just the right amount of calls for new work. When I was in college, a friend lamented (about men) that is was always "feast or famine." Hope that doesn't happen for your work! Enjoy the spring days, as much as you can with the work crunch.

  7. Fingers crossed that phones ringing off the hook :0)

  8. There are definitely strings attached to all the blog awards. It's always so sweet to receive them, but I admit I always feel so obligated. Good for you.

    Those trees are just about ready to pop. I'm observing the same thing here on Capitol Hill. Today it's supposed to get into the 60's!!! Woooo hoooo!!

    May the phone ring just as you're about to wrap up your current job. May it be so!

  9. Ok, LBJ. If nominated you will not accept, and if awarded you will not post. What is it with Texans anyway? ;-)

  10. Hi Ellen

    I hope that this contract leads to others and that you enjoy the you crave time to do your own thing?

    Happy days

  11. It's been the same for me. I just can't seem to get my act together lately (hence the reason I'm here 2 weeks after this post was written).

    Awards, awards, and more awards, and aside for thanking them on their blogs, I haven't acknowledged them either. :/

    Oh well. We do what we can. I think everybody understands that. :)


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