Saturday, March 6, 2010

back roads entertainment

A couple of weeks ago we drove over to Chappell Hill from Wharton to get some measurements for the catholic church job. We like to take the county roads and the ranch roads and the farm roads and the farm-to-market roads when we travel. It’s much more entertaining to take the small back roads than the highways. You aren’t going to see anything but Anywhere USA on the highways, where Everyplace is Anyplace.

We’ve made this drive, about an hour and a half each way, several times now. We make the transition from coastal plain to lower hill country. We get to pass through some Texas towns and ranch land which is increasingly being converted into ‘communities’. Although we are skirting Houston, we are still in it’s gravitational pull.

You don’t have to go far, though, to find rural Texas.

Texans are resourceful and Reba seems to have the bases covered.

After you’ve taken care of your storage, laundry and liquor you may feel inclined to worship. Welcome just as you are.

We didn’t get a shot of the sign nearby that advertised ‘Horses and Harleys’.

Farther on is this old brick railroad bridge.

We saw a lot of these. Clearly, this part of Texas is not happy with our current government. And then we passed this guy... (you can click to enlarge to get all the details)

And then we were here

at the turn-off to our destination.


  1. This is hilarious! But, ummmm... did you read the sign? It says, "No free pictures!". HA!

  2. These are great - I love the old Americana and I truly miss lil' roadtrips.

    I know I will get my roadtrip wish this year when Squirrel goes to college - we will find a short cut with backroads and enjoy the ride.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I too love to take the back roads! And the signage is always so entertaining! You just never know what you will see or read!! LOL!!
    Thanks for sharing your trip.

  4. These are priceless! Makes you a little afraid of breaking down or running out of gas in the middle of all that. Especially near the guy who apparently ran out of paper, because I'm Catholic and I get the impression he doesn't like me very much!

  5. I love "No Dead Beets"

    What is a dead beet? A rotten vegetable?

    Reminds me of the time last summer when Larry and I were returning home from a weekend at our river place in Welaka (Mayberry dialed down a notch in the sophistication department). A truck passed us with a shoe polish message on the back window. "Go Stealers."

    Yeah buddy. We sure to educate 'em good in Florida.

  6. Americana still exists! Yay. I tend to think that all of this country has become chain-ized, that something like Reba's liquor, laundry and storage could no longer exist. Makes me happy to know there are still places like this.

  7. Lots of personality on your route there! Wow!

  8. Good to see that Reba has diversified. It's just what I imagine bits of rural America to be like.

  9. This reminds me of the place we passed in Tennessee? Virginia? NC? Can't remember now - somewhere out in the boonies. The store advertised Live Bait & Socks! Heh.

    FYI - I got to wonder around my dad's yard today & take pictures of some early blooming flowers. Ahhh...

  10. Have you ever heard of the site Passive Aggressive Notes? I'll grab a link for you in a moment, but seriously, you need to send that individual into them. They will die of happiness.

    Wow, rural Texas really does have a certain flavor to it. I don't think I'd fit in there, but I've driven through, stayed the occasional night, and really it's like a condensation of everything people from outside the country believe being American is about. It's truly fascinating. Social history in action.

    However, the wordy fellow is downright frightening.

    Great pictures, all of them. Thank you for sharing them. Oh, and I did enlarge the photos, by the way. EEK. You were being very brave, as far as I'm concerned, pausing long enough to snap those shots.

  11. Holy fock. And that guy can vote.

  12. utterly fabulous post Ellen! Loved it!

  13. That's hilarious! What an entertaining series of signs.

  14. The objects covered in scrawl are surprisingly picturesque!

  15. thanks for taking me along on the road trip!! these are all wonderful

  16. We got one of those deranged farmers with signs that don't have enough room on them in NW Indiana, at the intersection of county road 50W and 900N. H e had a run-in with the sheriff involving some random gunplay and now there is a whole new sign questioning the political and sexual orientation of local law enforcement.

  17. Cowboy church, eh? Do they just ride up and listen to the sermon on their horses? ;^)

  18. I can hear the banjo strumming and the toothless twanging their mouth harps...

  19. Ummmm...well, I'm going to go pray for our nation while Reba does my laundry and pours me a big lusty drink.

    Ye Gods! And I thought WV was bad. LOL


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