Wednesday, August 12, 2009

two short notes and two short rants


1.  Last year I wrote an article on how to do pate de verre casting for a glass magazine called, oddly enough, Glass....craftsman.  The editor of the section of the magazine this article was a part of has been after me to write another on working with wax for lost wax casting.   Now, in between jobs, I’ve finally sat down to write it.   Organizing my thoughts, figuring out how to describe things I do with my hands while I work on a model, thinking about sequence, thinking about which tools I like best and why.  This is a very different way of writing than I am accustomed to.  Usually, I just open my mind and let it flow.

2.  We’ve finally been getting some rain in the city but the country house is still parched.  We watch as the rain clouds pass over us.  Everything is in a permanent state of wilt, you can’t water it enough.  And now, last weekend, I noticed my two maple trees are not doing well at all.  The leaves at the top are burnt and the others are yellowing.  I tried doing some deep watering for them but I’m afraid if we don’t get some real rain soon, we will lose them.  Those maple trees are one of the reasons we decided on a smaller and narrow shop building.  Wouldn’t that be ironic if they died anyway.


1.  I’m getting rid of the moon widget.  It’s pissing me off.  It never loads completely and is always attended by a scroll bar.  Who wants to look at the moon phase with a scroll bar?  Not me.  And why does it only happen on my blog?  I see it on others and it always loads completely.

2.  My reading list on the dashboard of my blog disappeared about mid-day yesterday.  Gone.  Sorry, you don’t follow any blogs.  WHAT?!  Who do I complain to about this?  After scouring the whole blogger site for hours, I still don’t know who or what.  So I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to track down all the blogs I follow that I had failed to put on my sidebar in a timely fashion.  Shit.  I’m still missing a few. 


  1. hi ellen, lots of adjustments - writing formally, dealing with an abundance and a shortage of rain and fallout from both, the moon widget and the reading list both messing up. hang in there!!! you know there's always a balance in the long run so pretty soon an all 'round easy going peaceful day will arrive! steven

  2. Ellen...there seem to have been so many irritating problems on Blogger just lately..the one you mention appears to be a common one. It happened to me a little while ago...and my list returned a few days later.

    I wonder if Blogger is getting so big...and popular...that it's difficult to manage? I say this as a complete pc I don't know how feasible this is. I don't understand the technical stuff but it's quite difficult to find answers on the Blogger site.

  3. I had the same problem with my followers the other day & I was so sad! But then it showed back up thank goodness.

    We've had more rain than we need - I'll try to shoo some your way!

  4. Hi Ellen
    My list was missing a few minutes ago but returned when I reloaded the page with the circling arrow up in the tool bar ...

    Happy days

  5. I lost my reading list not once but several times. But it came back. I got some help for a new layout for my blog and some of my gadgets disappeared and I was sooo fond of them. And when I went into gadgets on Blogger they were nowhere to be found. I'm really fed up with that.

  6. I'm so glad your reading list returned. Without my blogfellows list, I would be completely untethered.

    Wishing for sweet cooling quenching rains to come to your country home. The poor trees.

    And poor Ellen!! May all your thirsts be quenched!

  7. I hope I won lost any of my reading list.

  8. I've heard of this happening on other blogs, but I see by your comment it's back. Yay!

  9. Sending blessings to your maples. What a tough year.

  10. It wouldn't be ironic, it would be sad. I planted a beautiful little maple at the house where I lived when I was married. It's been eight years since I had to move out, but I still wonder how my little tree may be doing. I can't see into the back yard from the street, and I'm too shy to just walk up and ask the present owners if I could go look.

    I was also startled to be told that I wasn't following any blogs. But, as this has happened before, i had faith they would come back home, wagging their tails behind them, and they did.

    Thanks for the visits and the follow. :-)


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