Friday, August 21, 2009

it's not just a dream

My resolve this spring to get moved totally by fall come hell or high water has not been met with equal enthusiasm from Husband.  My willingness to cash in what meager investments we have to ‘git it done’ has fallen on deaf ears.  He says they are increasing a little in value lately.  And the others will levy a penalty until November.  Some progress has been made however.  We bought the lumber for the new shop building last weekend.  It’s all stacked in the garage here at the country house.  Husband is cutting all the boards in advance.  The plan is to have everything ready, get three or four friends or family to help and get it erected in a weekend, kinda like an old fashioned barn-raising.  I guess it didn’t matter that we didn’t get the lumber to frame up the shop earlier because it’s been so brutally hot and dry this summer, triple digits since June, it will still be several weeks before we can even think about getting it put up.  And that’s just the frame.  Who knows when we will get the metal to clad it.  But it is one major step in the right direction. 

Now that we have a job in the shop and the commitment I made to the Mint Museum of Craft is drawing nigh, we are no longer in-between.  I’ve been very busy these past two weeks.  I’m starting to feel the pull of the studio as well.  Too late, I fear, to do me any real good this year.  If my gallery calls in September to see if I have any new work for the SOFA show in Chicago in November, my answer will probably be...not much.  If anything at all.  I’m OK with that.  I mean, I don’t like it but I have only myself to blame since I have been such a slug this year.  I have totally blown the down time.  Actually, I guess it was down time because I wasn’t working, wasn’t compelled to work.  I’ve been a blank, on the surface at least.

We are still waiting on deposits.  I know we have two very nice accepted proposals out there and the deposits are imminent, but then I’ve been thinking that for the past two weeks.  I have another proposal, bigger than those two that I expect will be accepted.  If things follow their usual pattern, they will all come in within weeks of each other and then I will be overwhelmed.  Everybody’s going to want it by year end.


  1. Look at all that potential stacked there! Wish I was closer, I have gotten to be a being fair carpenter. And I got the nail gun and saws!

    [and Marc is right about the investments ;-) ]

  2. "Slug" is not a word I would ever associate with you. You were dancing in shamanic alignment with the weather this year, Ellen. It was too hot to be productive. I know you were frustrated being inbetween, but c'mon.

    You hurt your back, entertained your grandchildren, one by one, and worked, and went back and forth from country to city.

    You don't have to be so judgmental, you know? I think your summer was just right.

  3. I agree with Reya - this summer wasn't made for heavy work.

    I find that no matter what your job there seems to be a lot of hurry up & wait going on (or in your case, waiting & then hurrying). Even in my job I have periods of time where there's NOTHING going on & I'm reading blogs all day, & then WHAM it all shows up at once & we're very busy for a bit. I kind of like it that way.

  4. Can't help but think maybe you're being a bit hard on yourself, Ellen. If not for down time, how would we fine renewal (especially when we don't realize that's what's happening)?

    Keep the faith -- there's brilliance inside Ellen Abbott that will shine when summoned.

  5. Ellen, that wood is palpable. Yes, it's not just a dream. Build it. They (and it's up to you to define "they") will come.


  6. I do love a driven woman, Ellen. :-)


  7. Jody - yea, probably, but I hate to admit it. And I wish you were here too!

    Reya, Bug, Kathleen - thank you. I know I needed this time off or my body and brain wouldn't have forced it on me. I guess I should be thankful that it coincided with a downturn in the economy and a record hot summer.

    San - yes, I'm beginning to see it in my mind, finished.

    Pearl - kindred eh?

  8. Husband is cutting all the boards? What a man.

  9. Yes, Mo, he is a rather manly specimen out there with his axe.

  10. Ellen~ I found you through Blog jumping from either The Gold Puppy or Sixtyfive Now What?
    You are so interesting. I LOVE your work! I look forward to reading more.


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