Monday, March 2, 2009

three short notes...

This is how spring goes here...three or four days of warm beautiful days with highs in the mid 70s and then 2 or 3 days of lows in the low 30s.  Last Friday was short sleeve weather.  When we got up Saturday morning the wind had started blowing from the northwest.  It blew strong and steady for two days.  It was not bad in the sun if you were protected from the wind, but the thing about the country house with all the open fields on three sides of us is that there is no protection from the wind.  Great in the summer when we have a nice breeze coming from the south, not so great in the winter when it comes from the north.  My plans of working out in the yard all weekend were blown away...literally.

The little birdbath continues to be a popular place.  There was a line waiting for it’s use yesterday.  First a mockingbird, then a male cardinal came to drink and bathe. As soon as he flew off, the female cardinal took her place.  She took her sweet time to drink and bathe and preen and bathe again much to the frustration of a little chickadee waiting impatiently for it’s turn.  At one point, the chickadee dive bombed the female cardinal in an attempt to hurry her along.

The bluebonnets have started blooming, what there is of them.  Last year the front half of the vacant half acre next to us was solid with bluebonnets.  Also the strip of our front yard along the street.  This year, while we have less than half as many bluebonnets as last, the vacant half acre has almost none, victim of the terrible drought this part of the state is going through.  The farmers should have already done their spring planting but the ground is too dry.  Now they are having to decide what to do...go ahead anyway and hope for rain or wait longer and chance the corn burning up during the summer or plant something else for a later crop and ruin the regular rotation.  Not a happy place to be if you’re a farmer.

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