Monday, March 9, 2009

peas, peaches and pecans

Because we come back on Mondays, my head is still full of country stuff.  Did more planting in the garden this weekend.  Marc put in the bush beans so now we have peas, which have started coming up; spinach, which has not; a few volunteer butternut squash because I buried the kitchen scraps in the garden all winter; a couple of volunteer tomatos and, of course, the bush beans.  We are rookies at this food growing thing and expect to make all the rookie mistakes but it will be fun.

baby peas

We have a peach tree that has gone native.  At least we think that’s what happened since the trunks are coming out of the ground below where a graft would be.  It makes peaches about the size of a chocolate egg, a pit with about 1/8” of flesh over it.  Not good for eating but the flowers are pretty.

I am still picking up pecans, buckets worth.  I swear they are oozing up from the earth like rocks in a field.  They’re not any good, dried up or moldy inside.  I think these are the ones that fell last summer because of the drought and the husks are finally drying and breaking away.  Considering I must have picked up at least 25 gallons of nuts last fall, I can’t imagine what kind of crop we’ll get if it ever starts raining again.  We are already 5” behind in our yearly rainfall.  I’m still picking them up because besides the fact that I like to go barefoot outside and stepping on those things is not wonderful, I’m not entirely convinced they won’t still sprout and grow into trees.  Three pecan trees are enough.

bluebonnets in the front

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