Thursday, March 5, 2009

what's the problem here?

My azaleas are not blooming.  Azaleas all over the neighborhood are blooming, but not mine.  This may not sound so unusual except that they have always been too eager, starting in December.  Give them a few warm days and flowers would start to pop out.  Then it would get cold again, then warm again and a few more would open.  Indecent really how eager they were.  This would go on for two and a half months until finally, at the proper time, whatever buds were left would open.  Last year for the first time in I can’t remember, probably back when we still had winter, they bloomed all at once.  It was a magnificent display.  Hopefully, I’ll be treated to the same this year.  I guess it is still a little early but I went out and gave them a good watering in case they were waiting for rain or something.

Last year’s display.

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