Wednesday, August 16, 2017

and now for something completely different...

Working at Miss Hattie's those three days of the 'estate sale' paid for, with a little left over, the things I walked out with. Mainly, this display cabinet (has glass shelves).

The first time I walked in that store and saw those two cases that one of the vendors was using, I asked if she was interested in selling one. No. Now, about 5 years later, I brought one home. The vendor is not going to seek another place and so she was willing to sell the cabinets. I also picked up this cute little birdhouse and this cast iron hook thingy which I'm going to hang my keys on.

And something for fellow blogger Mary Moon because every time I walked past it in the store it said her name. I'm not going to show you what it is until she gets it. And knowing me it will take me a week or more to get it boxed up and sent off.

Monday was our 41st anniversary which we just let slide this year. We have, after all, already spent a week in Hawaii this summer and there wasn't a single movie playing that either one of us wanted to see so now I'm trying to get back in my model making groove after this past week's interruption and distraction. Or maybe I'll work on making color samples for the drowned feathers. Something I have never done before. Oh, I have plenty of color samples that I have made but none made specifically for a project. Usually, I just wing it.


  1. Those are some great estate sale finds.

  2. No dusting. What could be better? Those cabinets come in very handy.

  3. Yay, you! I love all of your treasures and I can't wait to see what you are sending me. Take all the time you want- I love the anticipation!
    "Wing it" - haha!

  4. like that cabinet, I have one real similar

  5. All my downsizing did not separate me from special treasures I got the several winters I helped Nina in her antique shop.

  6. I really like the birdhouse! The display cabinet is beautiful. I wonder what you will display there?
    Do hope you show us.

    1. I'm going to put our personal collection of our work in there. well, some of it anyway. I have to clear this room out though, move some other stuff before I can get it set up.

  7. My dad has a display case like that (maybe a bit smaller) that he's trying to give me. I wouldn't mind having it, but we don't have anywhere just now. We stopped unpacking when my hip did its thing - maybe after all of Mike's books are on the shelves we'll find a place.

    Now I'm very curious about what you got Mary Moon!


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