Sunday, January 22, 2017

cleaning windows and other trivial things

This post on my general activity last week got elbowed out of the way by the inauguration. And wasn't Saturday a beautiful thing? All those people gathering worldwide to oppose hate and bigotry and racism and sexism and discrimination and having those things expressed through governmental public policy, gathering in peace and love, it was kinda awesome. Gives one hope, but it could all be meaningless, in the long run, if it isn't followed up by action, by more participation, by getting in there where the laws are made and upheld, by helping others get in there, by speaking out and naming it to it's face.


last Tuesday dawned warm, but it turned into a cool rainy day, not hard and thunderous but light to medium off and on all day. The previous Sunday the bird panel had come out of the kiln and I got all the finish work done on it Monday. The other two came out later in the week and I got the finish work done on them as well. I'm still getting the frames so I won't put pictures up yet.

The other thing I did last Monday was to clean the bathroom window which may not seem like a big deal but was actually no mean feat. These windows all have storm windows and screens on them and I have no idea how long it has been since anyone took them off and cleaned all four surfaces and hosed down the screen. Certainly not me in the nearly 10 years we've owned this place and not in the year it stood vacant.

So I guess I finally reached my limit on the amount of dirt and cobwebs and bug body detritus I was willing to tolerate and started messing around with it til I got the storm window off which, in this crazy house, is on the inside, but I couldn't get the top one off til I realized one of the latches wasn't retracted all the way, something I remedied with a screwdriver and hammer. Washed all four surfaces and hosed down the screen and cleaned the frame and finally managed to get the storm windows back on, something of a struggle, and I have to tell you, that window fucking sparkles! All day long, every time I passed the bathroom I would have to stop and exclaim about it.

So now my goal is to do one window a day, which I did one today in the dining area.

yes, that's just how dirty they are and while I should be ashamed, I'm not

The rest of the day I took care of little lingering things like...

cleaning the angel faces, my latest junk store find, and getting them hung up,

finally cleaning the little candle lantern and the old oil lamp I got for $5 each at a different shop on a previous occasion, both of which had a thick layer of dust,


cleaned and hung up this metal hanger thing I found at one of the estate sales we go to and got the ornaments hung,

I tacked a piece of mat board up so you could see the ornaments

finally put the dragonfly door knocker on the door, not that we need it because, weather permitting, if we're here, the door is open plus we don't know anybody here that would just drop by and yes, it's off center,

and repaired the garden totem that my friend bought and had become broken.

So now it's Sunday again, when after a week of rain including 2 days of heavy rain and thunder and lightning, even losing our power for about an hour and a half, we have 2 days without rain and a clear blue dry sunny sky and not cold and not hot and I was going to get my blueberry bushes and satsuma in the ground or at least make headway on that but it is so windy out there that after a short while it drives you insane inside, 25 to 35 mph sustained with gusts over 50.

Maybe I'll clean some more windows. On the inside.


  1. A tough job, not one I do real often.I like to keep a front window clean just because I gaze out all the time.

  2. Beautiful garden ornament and I crave the sunshine. I am collecting my coffee grounds from Starbucks and waiting for my bulbs to pop up. I'm done with winter.

  3. I get those spells every once in a while and clean like crazy. Windows are great when clean. Yes, the march was great and there many ways you can help this movement continue. Just check the internet.

  4. Something must have been going round in Texas. I might do most of that and call it a day, and it sure would not include all that window washing labor.

  5. I hate washing windows but they always look great when finished.

  6. Oh man - I hate doing windows - mostly because I really suck at it. Streak city. Another example of me not taking the time to do sometime right. Ha! I have other things I'd rather do - like read blogs.

    I love all the things you put up around the house!

  7. Nice to catch up with you and find you are doing productive things! Yes, Saturday was a needed uplifting experience!

  8. Even though I don't like it, I find cleaning cathartic.

  9. If Texas is anything like Florida, dirty windows are just a thing. There are so many bugs and spiders and whatnot that they simply can't be kept clean to the normal expectations of people in other parts of the world!

    Having said that, I'm sure yours now look great. And it's true that a clean(ish) window makes a big difference.

    I love your ornament collection.

  10. Spider shit. There. I said it. I have it. On every window sill. Why don't I adopt your "one window a day" policy? Because by the time I reached the beginning again, the sills would be covered in spider shit again.

  11. I'd forgotten storm windows. When I was growing up in Iowa, it was the big, twice-a-year project: swapping out the storm windows for screens, and vice-versa. And of course washing everything in the process.

    Wasn't that wind something? I had some sparrows here that would try to take off, flapping their little wings as hard as they could while they got blown backwards. They finally just hunkered down in some plants and waited it out. But they sure were thirsty by the time it was over.


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