Wednesday, May 4, 2016

more wax work and trying something different

Well, I'm still on hold on the A&M small animal hospital job. Apparently the woman who has to approve the compositional sketches and renderings is VERY BUSY and can't be bothered to spend the 5 minutes it would take to just say OK. Fine, whatever. It seems my joke that when they first told me it would be a November install, they meant November 2016, may come true after all. Even if they got me started again today we don't have enough time to complete the job before I leave for Scotland late June. And once I get back, it will be summer for real which means less hours available in which to work each day due to how hot it gets in the shop and sandblast booth.

So, as mentioned previously, I've been working on wax models. I showed the leaflet and bark waxes here, and they are now waiting to have the molds made, but I've also been working on some others.

I'm trying to use some old waxes that have been hanging around forever. This moonflower model was supposed to adorn the top of the moon box but I didn't like it there and set it aside for future use. That was years ago. I've been sprucing it up and got an idea how to use it for a hanging piece or in a stand. In a stand I think but it will have to be custom made as I don't think any of the commercially available ones will accommodate the thickness.

The leaf plaque it will rest on (before polishing), approx. 6" x 8".

Or rather, float above.

Also made the first base for the 6 panel series of the moon. I want to make a reproductive mold of this so I don't have to carve the disc of the moon each time. We'll see how that goes. This piece is 8” x 8”. It doesn't look like much now and except for one which will have a layer of leaves across it, they will all be just like this with the color applied differently. This series will actually be a big departure for me for several reasons, one being I'll be using opaque frit instead of transparent.


And I have also got the blank for the first of four panels of feathers on the beach. These are 10” x 10” which will be the biggest I've done so far.

I know, not much to look at right now and who knows when they will get cast.


  1. I'm confused, Ellen. Do you mean that those images that you just showed, the black, is wax? Because if it is, it is wonderful. I could never make a wax model as smooth and perfect as those are. But if this is the foundation for a piece of work, it has to be perfect, doesn't it?

  2. You remind me of just how vexing clients can be. I don't miss that at all. But I do enjoy watching your progress.

  3. It's one plant I haven't got seed of yet. it will come back around here.

  4. It's interesting to see your creative process once again. I love that panel with the moonflower leaves.

  5. These are beautiful art nouveau-ish forms. And you are going to Scotland this summer, a place I would also like to visit! I bet you have a reading list of Scotland-based literature.

  6. The moon flower is lovely, especially in conjunction with the leafy base. But the moons are splendid. So unusual, and so creative. I'm especially taken with the branched image. It's reminded me of a story I was working on and set aside. The moon figured in it, too. I need to get it out and see what I can do with it.

    What is with people, that they can't make a decision? I wonder if your decision-maker is under pressure from somewhere else. It's always hard to tell.

  7. Your creativity and talent always blows me away. It must be horribly frustrating to be put on hold by clients like that though.

  8. Gorgeous moonflower - can't wait to see it completed! So get to it, ok? Heh.

  9. It's rather annoying when other people can't understand that our time is just as important as theirs... especially when our amount of available time depends on the weather. Let's hope she takes a look soon, and that you can have lots of it done bore June.


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