Wednesday, August 5, 2015

7. on the road again...buffalo paddock, Waterton Lakes National Park, and Red Rock Canyon

After getting packed, having breakfast, putting the bunkhouse back in order, and saying goodbye to Wendy and thanking her for her hospitality, we hit the road heading for Waterton Lakes National Park.

Saw an eagle's nest on our way back to the main road

and this little fallen angel when we got out to take pictures of it.

We're getting closer to the mountains

and stopped at this scenic overlook on the way.

Just outside the park, we came across a buffalo paddock with a sign at the entrance that said stay in your car, wild animals are dangerous so of course the idiot in front of us on the loop through the paddock kept getting out of his car to take pictures.

Once in the park we took the scenic drive to Red Rock Canyon through the northern range of the Rockies. No way I can come up with any words so I'll just let the pictures speak.

another scenic overlook

Red Rock Canyon

Nat and I take pictures of each other.

On our way out we drove through the town site which existed before the area was made into a national park and is grandfathered in but we didn't stop. We had a long drive ahead of us back to Calgary but we did stop for mexican food for lunch at a restaurant Wendy recommended. Coming from Texas I wouldn't call it mexican food exactly but it was good enough. Then a quick stop In Black Diamond at the Blue Rock Gallery where I bought a cute little turned wood ornament, I guess, of a birdhouse.

Once back at the comfort of Denise's home, Natali left to return the car she had rented for our journey to Waterton and Catharine, Denise, and I got into our jammies, fixed our martinis and an assortment of leftovers for dinner, and settled down to watch a movie.

Tomorrow was my leave taking.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. You're passing through some spectacular scenery.

  2. All those rocks though the sun dappled water make a fabulous picture.

  3. Amazing colors on this trip.Those buffalo seem so passive , but I have seen one jump 12 feet from standing still to clear a creek.One in the Sandhills was going over a 8 foot fences. The local ranchers were alarmed so we named it Hoppy and ate it for the next four weeks.

  4. such pretty territory! loved the crystal clear water and colored rocks shot!


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