Tuesday, August 11, 2015

summer week 4

We brought Robin, who is 14 this year and taller than both her mother and her two older sisters and me, home with us from the gathered family day at the beach on the Saturday after I returned from my week in Canada and the next day we went to Costco and the grocery store to outfit the kitchen for her visit. After that, this is mostly what she did:

We did do a few things like make a strawberry pie (sorry no pics), swim in the pool,

go to the movie to see Paper Towns,

and do the shops on the lookout for items we could use for our main project

no, not the hat

where every time I turned around she was sitting on the closest available chair

in between bouts of this:

The end of the week we got started on our project...glass totems. I've been collecting cheap glassware from the resale shops and estate sales for over a year. I keep a budget of $3 or less per piece (unless it's something that I really like in which case I'll go a little higher) and so Robin and I started putting them together.

When we had visited our favorite resale shop in Glen Flora, we found a pair of brand new never worn Tom's shoes women's size 8. I wear a size 7 1/2 but I figured I could make do so I bought them since I had already bought Robin the last pair of Tom's shoes I found there.

Robin, who wears an 8 and who packed them in her bag, took them home. 

Oh well. Maybe next time.


  1. Pretty funny with the shoes. All that growing does tire one out. Love your totems, it is fun to share personal interests and watch them grow.

  2. I love your glassware totems. And your beautiful granddaughter.

  3. Stella has been making glass totems this summer, must be something in the cosmos. And yes, Growing to be so tall and lovely with all of that hair has got to be exhausting!

  4. Like the glassware totems. Maybe put a diode light in the bottom for in the evening.

  5. Love the totems! And those shoes too. I find that Toms shoes are a little smallish to me - I need to remember to go up a size next time.

  6. What a wonderful week.

    I love the totems and the shoes.

  7. I think it's wonderful your grands look forward to their visits. The totems are a lovely project; I've not seen anything similar.

  8. Robin looks VERY familiar. I have a male version.

  9. How great that you're able to share your creativity with her.


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