Friday, August 21, 2015

rain and a crazy squirrel

It's raining with lots of lightning and thunder, one crash rattled all the windows and got both the cat and dog up and alert. This is a good thing. Not the cat and dog part but the rain part. I woke up to rain yesterday morning and it rained mostly all day yesterday. Not a hard rain but a steady rain, the kind that soaks in the ground and heals all the cracks in the earth. It's raining a bit harder now, this morning. It has been so dry, maybe two small showers since the middle of June.

Of course, the rain yesterday (and I guess today if it keeps up like yesterday) threw a wrench in the puppy house training. Four 'accidents' in the house yesterday even though we took her out every time the rain let up.

Today I am working at the antique store instead of my regular Saturday since my sister-in-law, my niece, and my grandniece (whom I have never met), who are visiting other family members on the in-law side about 2 hours away, are coming in late today and will be spending the day here tomorrow.

Here's a few squirrel pictures for your entertainment. She certainly entertained me. And the cat. This squirrel comes to the tea cup, at least I think it's the same one. She doesn't show any fear of me when I poke my head out the door. The other day she was climbing all over the screens on the windows on either side of the one outside of which the tea cup hangs.


  1. That squirrel's brother lives in my yard and eats without a care in the world from our bird feeder.
    Also? I have those same stars.

  2. goofy squirrel! we got an inch of rain here yesterday. so very grateful.

  3. When we first trained the cairn, he didn't like grass and hated rain worse. My sister has a short dog training fuse, so I stepped up that very rainy summer, with my trusty umbrella. Eventually Angus got it--time to go out and sing in the rain.

  4. When the cold weather comes she is going to gnaw the siding off of your house and nest in the attic. I would discouraged her big time.

  5. I'm currently at my in-laws', in Friday Harbor, WA, and the land is in serious need of rain. So I get the happiness. Maybe we'll get lucky, too.

    That squirrel knew you were looking at her. It's posing! ;-)

  6. Oh my. That squirrel is probably giving your cat an aneurysm.

  7. My dogs would be pout the pet door and chasing that intruder. Not sure what they would do if they caught one. Sometimes it seems only a game.

  8. Yay! Rain!

    Olga would go NUTS at that squirrel.


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