Saturday, August 1, 2015

5. second lay-over day...hanging out

Tuesday was our second lay-over day and we just hung out at Denise's house enjoying her garden and patio, and picking the nanking cherries from the heavily laden branches to make syrup.

anybody know what this is?

Long about lunchtime we went down to the city center so Natali could pick up her renewed passport since she is leaving the end of the month to take a group of students to Caithness, Scotland for a session at the North Lands Creative Glass Center there. I mentioned that Natali is a tenured instructor at the Alberta College of Art and Design there in Calgary which in itself impresses me but she is also on the board of the Glass Art Society. She is well traveled and knows just about everybody in the art glass field in Canada, the US, and Australia, maybe even the UK, at least it seems so to me and if she doesn't know the answer to whatever question has just slid off your lips, she'll have it for you in a flash. And she is so full of laughter and so easy to be with. 

And then dosas for lunch at an Indian restaurant. If you don't know Indian food or dosas, they are giant thin pancakes with a potato base filling and an array of condiments. And by giant, I mean it was at least 12” in diameter.

Later Natali, Catharine, and I took another walk around the neighborhood looking at all the houses and their yards. Denise's neighborhood is undergoing upscale gentrification so there is a mix of older homes, modest newer homes, and then the big McMansions. A lot of houses have really nice gardens out front.

Then it was time for martinis and guacamole.

A watched pot never boils and an unwatched pot boils over.

Dinner was homemade personal pizzas (and Denise made the pizza dough).

Did you know it doesn't get dark in Calgary til after 10 PM? And dawn comes about 4:30 AM?


  1. It's all just so dang pretty. Even the boiled-over syrup.

  2. laughed at the boiled over pot. :) lovely garden!!

  3. Beautiful garden. The mystery plant is a mullein--look at those fuzzy stamens! Here's a similar one--

  4. The only time I saw flowers this beautiful was in Giverney, France, where Monet lived and painted.

  5. The gardens and Natali and the 10pm sunsets are all impressive.

    And now I'm craving pizza...

  6. That's roughly the same time it lightens and darkens in England at this time of year, I think. Maybe a bit more light in Calgary.

    That plant is a verbascum. We have some in our garden but they don't look ANYWHERE near as nice as those!

  7. That's it - I'm moving to Calgary! I'm so sad that the days are getting shorter...


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