Friday, November 7, 2014


I think that's how I felt once I got over the dismay. The worst do nothing, vendetta oriented, obstructionist, and paid off congress in history with the lowest approval rating ever and the people just re-elected the bastards and then some. Locally as well as nationally.


I know this is just one election in many and that statistically and historically they were bound to get it but it doesn't make me feel any better. But what does make me feel better is that even with a majority in the senate now I don't expect they will be interested in getting anything done. None of them know how to govern anymore. They'll just have a jolly time trying to get rid of the ACA and impeaching the president for the next two years. Or I should say, two more years.

It's not like they are actually going to do anything to help the common American, because you know it might reflect well somehow on the President and they can't have that because, make no mistake, they are just as opposed to him as they have ever been no matter how they wear their shit eating grins and promise that now some cooperation and compromise can be had. The twitter sphere is going nuts with the right wing incensed that Obama hasn't resigned after the election. The complete and utter racism on display is appalling.

Perhaps if the democratic candidates had had the balls to stand by the president and all his accomplishments despite republican obstructionism and ran on those accomplishments (so say smarter folk than I) and while he hasn't been perfect because face it, who is, he has done good for this country, if they had done that, maybe they would have come across as strong candidates and fared better. I mean really, when your approval rating is in the mid 30s and your opponents' approval rating is in the teens, that means while people may not be real happy with you right now, they still like you three times better than the other guys. So why try to be the other guys?

Some of Obama's accomplishments:

The ACA which while it has it's problems has made health care available to millions of people that didn't have access before.
Unemployment below 6%, the lowest it's been in 8 years.
Record stock market highs.
Record corporate profits.
Increased support for veterans.
Reformed Wall Street.
Credit card rate reform.
Ended two wars and prevented us from getting involved in others through diplomacy and got Osama Bin Laden.
Shrank the deficit.
Passed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
Strengthened the EPA.
Increased the federal minimum wage.
For a comprehensive list of 269 accomplishments including these, go here.

Instead, they distanced themselves from Obama and his seeming low approval rating out of fear of association and lost their strengths while the republicans did what they do best and incited fear with their ever expanding list of bogeymen and monsters to bring out their base.

Truth is, it probably wouldn't have mattered since half the eligible population just can't be bothered to get out on any one of the roughly two weeks worth of days available to cast their vote no matter what. And so the lunatics are in charge of the asylum until the next election. Unless we can get rid of Citizen's United, I don't see anything changing. The elections have been taken out of our hands and delivered with a bow to the oligarchs.

I'm glad that the absurdity that American politics has become is over for another two years. It's one of those things where the need to stay informed is at odds with my desire to remain sane.

One more thing. Just this, careful what you wish for.

Oh, and this. Stop watching Fox. They lie.


  1. Racism. Period. The end. And butt ignorance.

  2. "The people" better have the epiphany when they elect Hillary Clinton, or we will suffer another eight years of fat white men's prejudice.

  3. I voted for a few independents just because the D and R had to many outsiders pumping them money.

  4. Ditto...I agree. So many simply "don't get it" A shame...

  5. Amen!

    P.S. It's been a while since I've seen the boycott American women dude - glad to see he's alive & well :)

  6. You look perplexed. So I am anyway. Yelp, it is racism and nothing but. I think the biggest sign of our times is how it has become acceptable to hate and acceptable to be stupid.

  7. Yeah, let's reward these assclowns for doing such a fine job of doing flat out nothing except being the party of paranoia and "no". (Oh, and now Michigan's gay marriage ban has been upheld. What a wonderful world.)

  8. I agree totally. We have not watched the news on TV since dreadful Tuesday. It is hard not to catch glimpses on the computer, though. Makes my blood boil to see the grins. Am really worried about the mess they might make of Obamacare. The poor just keep getting poorer and the rich richer. This country is going down. It's no wonder there is so much violence, and I think there will be more. Hopeless people have no qualms. The Supreme Court is a joke as long as 5 of the 9 are bought and paid for. Citizens United is an asinine bit of legislation. Then, the abortion fight here in TX is another outrageous story. What good is Roe vs Wade if women in need are denied access.
    The expression on your face is exactly like mine. Disgusted. Thanks for letting me agree with you.

  9. When most Americans are too busy to vote and yet still watch reality TV in droves, they deserve the government that they get!

  10. I knowIknowIknowIknow. :-( grrrrr.

  11. It scary to see how the Republican propaganda machinery is able to fool the average American to believe the the Republicans will do something for them. The Republicans play the God, guns and family-values cards, and America takes the bite.

    I'm happy to live in social-democratic ("socialist") Europe >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  12. A friend and I had this exact same reaction/conversation Wednesday night. The problem is that those of us who agree with you want EVERYONE to vote, which is hard to accomplish. The yahoos who feel the opposite don't want anyone to vote who doesn't feel the way they do - and they've enacted laws to make that happen! The last number I heard was 37% of eligible voters voted in this election. That's shameful.

  13. and then there is this "ole Texas country boy" reckon? :) Ms Ella's is one of my most favorite sites. I think you Ms. Ella are a artistic genius, but we don't have to agree on politics. (or with your followers), but there is one thing I hope never changes about my self and that is that I try and respect other peoples beliefs and understandings. My main hope is that we all understand some day, what makes us so divided...Ya'll keep visiting and I will keep the coffee pot on the stove,,,reckon? :)


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