Friday, April 6, 2012

a day (or two) in the life of Big Mama

Well, after Big Mama took her nose dive into the landscape brick around the bottom of her pond, I decided to widen the ramp so I added two boards and then after further consideration, put some foam underneath, you know, just in case she attempted another nose dive.

She approached it a couple of times and then retreated into the pond. Looked different, I guess, so she had to ponder it a while.

I decided to remove the extra boards and I guess that looked familiar.

For some reason, the camera started focusing in on the screen.

Apparently, the nose dive into the brick made an impression after all.

Every foot or so, she'd test the edge.

Made it.

After her initial obsession with the fence, she started to explore the yard.

Emma, the cat, wonders what this thing in the yard is.

She did eventually pounce but it was just a moving rock, after all.

Later Big Mama started digging the first of several holes but I don't think she has laid any eggs yet.

She's acting very weird this morning, coming to the end of the bridge/top of the ramp doing her digging thing on the wood. When I went out there she just gave me the eye but when I reached for her she ran across the bridge and into the pond. She's been out of the water several times since then just hanging out there at the top of the ramp for a while and then diving back in the water.

Oh, just now, she finally walked down the ramp so she's on the move, digging again in the same spot as before.

Now if she would just figure out that the ramp will get her back in the pond.


The Bug said...

I love Big Mama - and the stalker cat :)

TexWisGirl said...

she's a cutie. love your cat watcher. :)

SkippyMom said...

She is so cool! & the kitty is hysterical. I wish we had yard big enough for our own Big Mama. She sure is sweet.

Linda in New Mexico said...

oh yeah, I got my healthy dose of turtle watching and I didn't even have to leave my comfy chair. The turtle is a fascinatin' critter. The boyz are intent on nothing but "gimme a woman, er rock, er sum sumin" and the females are out scounting the best place for egg layin' and hidin' from the boyz. And as my granddaughter would say....and all the baby turtles are brought to you by U-haul trailer turtles, inc.
Thanks for the Big Mama update. How's the foot?

Judy said...

Do you think she's having a difficult time finding the nice warm sunny place to lay her eggs?

Mary Ellen said...

What fun watching the turtle progress! I just went back and caught up on the whole copperhead saga - sorry to say (I know it was very painful, and after my broken wrist episode I'm sensitive to that) your account made me laugh out loud. Pity about how broken our medical system is, though. Or - better yet - it's an outrage.

Terrie Corbett said...

Loved this! Wonderful photo essay! Several years ago, I watched one of the females lay her eggs - actually videotaped it just can't find it! But I was amazed at how she used her back legs like little brooms to cover up the eggs, then after laying, re-arrange the area with little twigs, leaf parts etc. as if it had not even been disturbed! There was no evidence whatsoever that a little hole had been beveled out, eggs laid, and then re-covered. Amazing, really. Really enjoyed looking at these. (good kitty shots, too)! Best regards, Terrie Corbett

Joanne said...

Thanks. You're a gread moderator. Let us know when we have eggs to watch.

Joanne said...

Ellen, this is SO a children's book just waiting to be written! At the very least, this could become Big Mama's blog too.

And I think Big Mama and Emma are thick as thieves friends, enjoying each other's company there :)

rosaria williams said...

Hope she is successful, however she does it.

She Writes Here Now said...

Big Mama is pretty cute! Ellen, I closed the blog for awhile. Just reopened :). Nobody could visit!

Hilary said...

Aww so nifty to be able to watch her do her thing. Thanks for sharing her. :)

Linda Sue said...

Oh- she is such a lovely creature. Thank you for helping her.

Gene Pool Diva said...

What a duo, I could watch them all day. Lovely blog you have -Kelly