Sunday, June 26, 2022

models are done, SC opens the door to theocracy

Have I mentioned how fucking hot it is here? Walk outside and it's like walking into an oven. Walk outside with a wind and it's like walking into a blast furnace. And dry. Still so very dry but at least it's not humid. Well, I'm sure you are just as sick of reading about it as I am writing about it.

Even so some things are blooming like these red crinum lilies.

I am done with the models. Done. Not totally happy with the texture on the box but it'll do, pig, it'll do. It is supposed to be subtle after all, just a device to improve the surface from flat. I mitered the corners of the coral setups to accommodate the 4” cardboard tube that will be used in the mold making.

Today I touched up any model that needed it and glued them all down to the glass squares we use for mold making and then cut the 3” and 4” diameter cardboard tubes to the proper heights with the chop saw. Everything is now ready for the next step...making the molds.


I haven't written anything about the SC overturning R v W and sending it to the states to decide and even though we knew it was coming because of the leaked opinion, I still feel gut punched and my stress level is high. As Ms Moon said in reply to a post that we need to get radical and not despair, I was radical 50 years ago, now I'm just tired.

It could have been worse I guess, they could have just outlawed it instead of sending it to the states and there are plenty of states that don't already have laws on the books waiting to become valid, yet, some of which have already defended a woman's right to bodily autonomy. And some businesses are stepping up in support of their female employees, providing funds to travel to other states for the care they need or want. And now, at least, abortion pills are available via the mail and there's an underground developing that will assist women but, fuck all, none of that shit should even be necessary. Would these same people who are cheering the demise of R v W be in favor of mandatory kidney donation or blood donation if you're a match? I mean, after all, a life is at stake. Doesn't their pro-life stance include all living breathing humans or just fetuses? Or is it just pregnant women who can't have bodily autonomy? Of course we know the answer to that. They are perfectly fine with children getting murdered in their classrooms since their 'right' to own whatever firearms and ammo they want supersedes anyone's right to life. Such hypocrites.

Our maternal death rate is already one of the highest in North American, European, and Eastern European countries. Out of 34 modern nations only 4 have a higher maternal death rate than we do, the so called 'greatest nation on earth', and now we're poised for it to go even higher.

Speaking of hypocrites, Justice Thomas in his opinion thinks the SC should go after contraception, same sex marriage, gay rights, and sexual behavior among consenting adults all based on their religious beliefs using the same justification for overturning R v W. Notice he excluded interracial marriage which had been against the law for far longer than it is lawful. Bastard. If this latest in a line of horrible decisions by this court doesn't galvanize the population to get out and vote in an undeniable democrat/independent majority in both houses of congress so that we can pass needed voting rights and personal autonomy rights and expand the fucking SC (which has been changed about 9 times in our history) to return some balance, republicans will turn this country into a white patriarchal nationalist theocracy. They're already well on their way to it.


  1. There's a definite case to be made for an equal number of justices and circuits. Thirteen.

    Yeah, been radical since about birth. A bit tired but undaunted at this point.

  2. Exactly, and the Never Hillary voters are partly responsible for this mess, if we had 8 yrs of Hillary instead of the Other Guy, this would never have happened...she would be in the middle of her second term....I am progressive, but Bernie was not on the final Ballot...The voters better show up or the lost ground may be forever.

  3. EXCELLENT ELLEN!!! How you can form a complete coherent thought let alone put it all into perfect sentences is beyond, me,
    The heat, the heat ,the heat- the betrayal, the goddamned theocratic bullshit patriarchy, the hatred of mothers and wives, sisters and girlfriends. Women- all kinds of misogynistic circus acts. All I can do is sputter...and vote of course but really...?....Not enough, we failed to torch the orange flatulence we must light them now., our torches , send letters with baby powder in them ( which could be anything, right?) Brett K would just poop and cry- Thomas may have a heart attack, good...Amy- dear lord , have her lady parts removed , she has not earned them for one, and for two , she is a dismal representation of a so called living thing.The others - are cursed beyond what is reasonable...VOTE oh yeah sure, but the assholes vote got us into this fucking mess in the first place, blame the "college" cop out if we must - but that is the system. Yes , be radical ,more so than ever- we are well practiced and we are old so what can they do us, nothing scares us.

  4. This is just an aside, but way back when Bush appointed Roberts Chief Justice and then appointed Allito to the Supreme Court, Allito's meanness was so apparent I could only think thank god it hadn't gone the other way around; Roberts stuck on the court and Allito chief justice. Roberts could not hold his court together this time, for the first time, I think. So many mean men down the line, and one woman, he could not get the one more vote he needed.

  5. I read the dissenting opinion tonight. It's long but very good. The fact that their reasoning did not prevail, and that 5 judges could concur with Alito's version, is bitter for anyone who still believes that reason is important. Alito's version isn't just mean, its reasoning is incredibly sloppy, inconsistent, and specious, and the dissent makes that very clear. And makes it clear also that Thomas's take is the more consistent one; that now everything back to legal segregation is threatened (tho Thomas, remarkably, is inconsistent in that he doesn't mention jettisoning interracial marriage bans or allowing legal segregation).

    1. I don't want to be anonymous, but that's my only choice, apparently. Sally S

  6. The danger of becoming an autocratic, dictatorial, fanatical theocracy is very real and the country had better wake up quickly. The Taliban couldn't do much better than this!

  7. Your lilies are a wonder. You know how I feel about the rest of it. We are so fucked. Perhaps the young ones can turn things around. I surely hope they do.

  8. We are headed into a white christian theocracy here and it scares the shit out of me. I'm a brown-skinned Jewish girl who has been asked if I was from India since I was a child. My family lost family in the Holocaust. I know how horrible these bastards can be. The time to fight and win is NOW.

  9. Ya know, it's not "Ole Clarence's" choice to "go after" anything, Who the hell gave him the right to spew his distorted view of reality and taking away the rights of others? What people do in the privacy of their own homes is none of his damn business. But you can bet that he won't say a damn word regarding Loving vs Virginia, what a hypocrite!

  10. Bastards, all of them. They don't know, and don't care, how much they have damaged the lives of women. We're not actually people to them, we're vessels.


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