Saturday, May 14, 2022

good stuff, bad stuff

OMG, it is so fucking hot and dry and way too early to be this hot and dry. Last Wednesday was the last day to burn, but only if you had to, had a hose close, and did it in the early morning before the wind picked up. Marc burned on Wednesday. Friday I emptied the wheelbarrow of a mountain of weeds that had piled up and the mountain of cleaver that has been sitting on the driveway since I pulled it all up onto the burn pile. Was going to empty the full truck bed of fallen branches that have also piled up but the truck wouldn't start. Great. So now Marc has the battery charger hooked up. So, foiled in that chore, I finally folded up the giant tarp that helps protect the tenders in the garage in winter, swept most the leaves out that have blown is, and put the recycling containers back to their summer arrangement. This little bit of activity had me sweating buckets.

OK, now to the topics at hand.

Good stuff...

Are these not the sexiest, most voluptuous flowers you've ever seen?

The rock rose are coming into bloom.

I don't know what these are, I dug up a small clump in the easement beside the sidewalk in front of the elementary school at the end of my street back when I lived in the city, but they definitely don't seem to mind the dry and the heat.

Purple coneflowers (even though they are pink) and gardenia.

Minnie still doesn't know what to make of this moving rock.

Tree frog hanging out on the yellow trumpet flower.

Don't know what this is exactly but it's missing a back leg.

Bad stuff... (I have no idea why the formatting is indented for the first 6 entries and can't undo it.)

    Arizona senate candidate calls for condoms to be banned in all states

    Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn calls for contraception ban except for married couples

    Mitch McConnell floats a national abortion ban and promises to do it if republicans take control of the House and Senate

    Missouri GOP banning Plan B and IUDs and is a debating a bill to ban women from traveling out of state for abortions

    Louisiana GOP declaring life begins "at fertilization" and seeks to make abortion a homicide and the use of an IUD murder

    Tennessee GOP law makes it a felony (with a $50K fine) to receive abortion medication via mail

Arkansas GOP trigger law will ban abortion with no exceptions and make it a felony to obtain an abortion

North Dakota GOP Gov. Kristie Noem pledges a special legislative session to pass new abortion restrictions

Oklahoma GOP passes Texas-style abortion "Bounty Hunter" law

Ohio GOP debating two trigger laws that would immediately ban abortion once Roe is overturned

Ohio GOP trying to reinstate a fetal heartbeat law stuck in the courts

Idaho passing a law authorizing civil lawsuits against abortion clinics/providers, Idaho rep wants to ban Plan B and possibly IUDs

West Virginia leaving in place a 19th Century anti-abortion law that makes obtaining an abortion punishable by up to 10 years in prison

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio introducing federal legislation to punish private companies that provide travel benefits for women to obtain abortions in states where they are legal

Kansas GOP leading a push to remove abortion protections guaranteed to Kansans by their state constitution

GOP Senator Mike Braun says interracial marriage should be left up to the states on whether it's legal

This stopped being about banning abortions and went straight to controlling what women can and can't do with some states trying to prevent pregnant women from leaving the state. While they claim the high ground, forcing women to give birth, they apparently are fine with women dying as a result of withholding life saving care. These same people are angry that the Biden administration is sending formula to the mothers and infants we are holding at the border who have zero resources available to them, these same 'pro-life' people apparently think those babies should starve to death.

And if that's not scary enough, there's this:

Candidate for Michigan governor Ryan D. Kelley says those on the left want to “push this idea of democracy,” but that “in every instance” democracy ends up as communism. This rhetoric is how the right will justify their rule even as the minority voice in this country. They're not even pretending that they're in favor of democracy.

And this:

The Texas Supreme Court allowed the state's child welfare agency to resume investigations of parents and doctors who provide gender-affirming care for trans youth, overturning a lower court's decision.

In addition to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill, Louisiana is passing it's own bill outlawing any discussions of sexual orientation or sexual identity.

New Hampshire Republican controlled senate passed a bill requiring public schools to not only 'out' trans youth to parents, but to report kids who aren't masculine (sissies) or feminine (tomboys) enough as well.

The right wing religious wackos are determined to take this country back to it's suppressive and oppressive culture, ruled by their interpretation of their religion, imposing it on us all, demonizing anyone and anything that doesn't conform to or fights their indoctrination, separation of church and state be damned. You know what to do in November. First, don't forget any of this stuff; second, don't let anyone else forget; third, VOTE BLUE.


  1. The flowers and animals and insect are the loveliest things! Keep tuned in to those things the other is simply chaos insanity but you might think about moving to Portugal....

  2. When I read what all you'd put together in one place my jaw just dropped. How can this be happening? Surely these people do not really think that birth control should be illegal. That if their young daughter was raped, she should be forced to carry the child and bear it. That if their college-aged daughter who had been accepted to a good university had accidentally gotten pregnant she should be forced to change her entire life and future by having an unwanted baby. What are these people thinking? They obviously do not really give a rat's ass about the "sanctity" of life. They just don't want people to have freedom of choice about anything. And they're so ignorant. They know nothing about science or history or medicine or anatomy. Democracy in every case leads to communism? So what are we supposed to do? Just go there directly? I can't. I just can't.
    I blow out a breath and think, "Well, those flowers are glorious." I think your little purple flowered plant is a Carolina wild petunia. That's what my plant app says anyway and it looks right to me.

  3. Have you heard of the guy who put this out on some social media channel: look outside your office and tell me if you see anything that was done by women - only to receive this reply within seconds: EVERY.HUMAN.BEING.
    This is like the Handmaid's Tale. Seriously.

  4. The reproductive rights news is terrible. I hope everyone who could march today did
    Meanwhile back in the garden, the flowers are just lovely.

  5. I'm certain your unidentified flower is a Ruellia, and I'd guess R. caroliniensis -- Carolina wild petunia, because of the color. I know the color of those flowers can vary, but that doesn't look like the purple versions that are so common around here. And, yes -- voluptuous is just the right word for those other flowers. And you have gardenias? Color me envious!

  6. Your flowers are so beautiful. I also love that little froggy on the trumpet leaf and the very cool moving rock. So much life and beauty there. About the insanity of our country... I have no idea what is compelling these right-wing nutcases to be so anti-woman, but it's not going to work out for them...and it ain't gonna be pretty.

  7. This is all about men putting women in their place and people of color down. It makes me so sad. Vote Blue.

  8. It really is getting hard to recognize the United States any more. A right-wing theocracy the Taliban would find comfort in seems to be possible. It seems to defy belief that people would not vote Blue, but we will have fo wait and see I suppose. With women making up half the votes it's hard fo see how a Republican could get elected, especially creeps like Cruz, Rubio and others of their ilk.

  9. Just one more thought, if one of these clownish governors had a daughter that was raped by a vicious psychopath with anti-social tendencies that might be inherited by his children, and especially if he was of a different race, how long do you think it would take for a surreptitious abortion to be arranged in that case?

  10. It will never stop, even if Roe gets overturned. We're going to see years of misogynistic legislation coming down the pike.

    I love the trumpet flowers. I can't see the mystery plant in much detail but it looks to me like some kind of plumbago...?

    1. Oh, and Ryan Kelley?! WTH? I gotta go read up about that.

  11. The laws to prohibit pregnant women from leaving the state will be challenged in court. Interstate commerce is in the constitution. These people are batshit crazy, there is something seriously wrong with them.

  12. When will the insanity stop??

  13. What Joanne N. said... it's so obvious.

  14. This is mostly new to me. There is a Cabal out there.

  15. It is absolutely crazymaking. And horrifying. I'm glad we still have flowers to look at!


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