Sunday, April 18, 2021

another day trip

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Our trip to Washington-On-The-Brazos was on Monday. Tuesday besides going to the grocery store and taking the recycling, I worked over at the shop yard cutting up all the dead branches to a more manageable size from the huge yellow bells, purple orchid tree, and the morning glory bush that I pruned off last Sunday hauling it to the burn pile. Wednesday we had planned to go to Galveston for the day but John, our brother who is a very handy guy, got started on a project for Pam at her house replacing the faucet in her sink with a dragon faucet. 

What should have been a simple switch out took one and a half days, two trips to Lowe's, three trips to El Campo, one trip to Tractor Supply, and an order from Amazon and lots of muttering and stomping around. While that was going on, I planted another batch of my zinnia sprouts which may or may not survive.

So we went to Galveston, a two hour drive away, on Thursday instead. Galveston has a touristy historical district called The Strand full of grand old restored buildings,

bars and restaurants, and touristy and other shops. We walked down to one end, had lunch, and walked back on the other side going into this shop or that  where we saw more questionable sodas and clone serum among other things.

Did they really expect to sell clothespins for $1 a piece?

Seed pod nativities,

if only.

We thought these were hilarious back in the far corner of a christmas shop.

Flavored salt and wild beast jerky

and jewelry for what ails you (the full list had about 40 items on it).

Part of a big mural on the side of one building.

Then we drove down the seawall and eventually parked and walked down the stairs to the beach. It was overcast and chilly and windy so we didn't tarry long.

About 4:30 we headed back home and were about halfway when Pam's car emitted a soft little whistle. What was that, I asked. Don't know she says, no warning lights on the dash. A few minutes later, another sort of a thunk and a whizz and the battery light came on and the power steering failed. John took over driving Pam's Honda Pilot and we managed another half hour before the automatic transmission started thunking and clunking and jerking so we pulled into a gas station about a half hour from home. John lifted the hood, well, there's the problem, the serpentine belt is gone. The belt that causes all sorts of things to work, like the alternator and the power steering. Called AAA and a tow truck would be forthcoming. Meanwhile I called Marc to come pick John and I up since only one person could ride in the tow truck. He arrived and we waited till the tow truck arrived which was about 20 minutes after that, it was our own Poor Farms wrecker service in Wharton and since he knew where to take the car Pam rode back with us.

So, as they say, all's well that ends well. Pam talked to the mechanic Friday morning and it seems a bolt broke off which caused the loss of the serpentine belt. 


  1. I use the Feedly app to update me on the blogs I read. I recommend it. It is easy to use and works well.
    Those mermen are delightful. Someone had a very good idea.
    "Electromagnetic frequency infused jewelry?" Oh please. People will believe anything.
    Galveston looks lovely. Reminds me a little bit of Thomasville, Georgia which is right up the road from us.
    Sorry about the car trouble. It seems to happen so rarely now but occasionally, it still does.

  2. Sounds like you and your sibs had quite an adventure that day. Love those mermen, what a great idea!
    Bummer about the car issue but good to know that AAA got a tow truck there and you all got back home safe and sound.

  3. 100 clothes pins for a dollar at any cheesy store, that is amazing - the gall! Merlot salt doesn't sound half bad...maybe. weird stuff. Car woes, you are all lucky to have made it to the station , nearly home. Nice little outing and I love that the streets are pretty much empty.

  4. Lucky she wasn't alone dealing with the car excitement. And when a serpentine belt goes, it can whip about and damage all sorts of engine parts. Sounds as if she escaped that.

  5. Our entire trip was full of things not working on the RV. Since I was already distraught, it was on the sidelines for me. About two hours before we arrived at my sister's house all the systems that were on the fritz suddenly sprang to life. I love the dragon faucet! I would want a frog, of course!

  6. Wow. I think that was a long way to go without a serpentine belt!
    Went through Galveston once, with a car full of kids and niece and nephews, on vacation. My brother's van rolled over 100,000. I wonder what the kids remember.

  7. We went to Galveston several years ago but it was only to see the air museum!

  8. I'm glad you were so close to home when the car decided to throw a belt. Those experiences are a hassle at best, and they can be much worse. It was fun seeing the pics from Galveston, too. I've not been on the Strand for several years. The closest I get is the Sunflower Bakery and Cafe on 14th. It's some of the best food on the island, and THE best bakery.

    1. we're going back sometime in May when Pam's daughter is here so we will definitely have to check out the Sunflower Bakery and Cafe.

  9. What an adventure! I am glad you were near home when the car finally quit and that everything turned out okay. Remember the days before cell phones? Before cell phones, you would need to hitch a ride back to town to get help if your car broke down. Ugh!

  10. That was an eventful outing. Thanks for showing me a part of the world that's totally new and strange. And I just love the xmas tree hangings.

  11. It's fun to wander through a tourist part of town once in a while. Sorry about the excitement at the end of the day.

  12. I am SO GLAD that my serpentine belt came off when I was on my street so I could turn around & go home (very laboriously - it's hard to steer a car with no power steering).

    I LOVE the mermen! But my favorite is the wee little nativities - so adorable!

  13. Ha! I didn't comment on this post because I somehow missed it. I do love the mermen! In fact I saw similar ones more than ten years ago in Montreal, which I blogged at the time:

    Those car problems sound dramatic! Glad it worked out OK, though I guess it would have been better if the belt had hung on just a little while longer.

    1. Oh, and yes -- a DOLLAR for a clothespin?!?! Insane.


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