Sunday, April 11, 2021

a week of social forays

I've been out and about a few times the last week now that I'm fully vaccinated (and still wearing a mask giving Biden his 100 days though I'm noticing fewer and fewer people around here wearing them). Friday a week ago, Robin and I did some of shops. I found a flower made out of crystals for $5

and in a different store, special today only, these and two cabinet door pulls for $3 (Theresa was feeling generous I guess)

but I also saw some head scratchers like these painted oyster shells and these things whatever the hell they are, and gears, 

and this.

how long since you've seen one of these?

And apparently eye caterpillars are a thing now.

Then we went into the new candy shop (not handmade, disappointingly) with some really weird things like these sodas

(there was also a birthday cake flavor soda) and all things gummy like gummy sushi, gummy hamburger, and gummy pickle.

And what's with all the weird pickle flavored things. Just eat a pickle!

Last Saturday, we went to our first gathering since March of last year, really longer than that since it had been several months already, a birthday party for one of Marc's younger brothers who is turning 60 and not happy about it. There were brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews and kids and grandkids and friends. It was outside, all the older generation has been vaccinated at least, and it was nice to see everyone after so long. We lost three people last year, none covid related, 2 from the previous generation which leaves only Marc's mother, and one from our generation, Marc's brother-in-law and we did not attend any of the funerals.

And now my brother is in town from Washington state, staying across the street with Pam. SHARE was slow Thursday so I left early and we all went to an estate sale. Oooo, icky nasty place, some good stuff inside and out but you just didn't want to touch anything in that old smelly falling apart doublewide. I came away with four plastic pots a fairly decent size, old and will probably start to break apart in a couple of years but they only cost me a quarter each and this which I'm not really sure what it's purpose was but I'm going to use it for a plant stand.

And yesterday, Saturday, Pam and I and John did the shops in Wharton and Glen Flora. First stop the farmer's market that sets up for 6 – 8 weeks spring and fall at which there was not one single vegetable because it's still too early for people's gardens to be producing but they did have some baby ducks

and baked goods, tamales, various craft items, and honey.

One shop in Wharton is run by people who were/are collectors so a lot of their inventory comes from their own collections...elephant statues, clocks, pedal cars among other things,

and most recently marbles.

Plenty of other stuff in there too like antiques and unusual wind chimes and coins and metal painted yard art outside, the place is stuffed full of stuff.

And then Marc met us at a local restaurant for a late lunch, the first time we've eaten out in a restaurant since December 2019.

Then yesterday afternoon I went over to my daughter's place because grandgirl Autumn is in town for the weekend and had a nice visit there.

Today I guess I'm going to try and do a little work in the yard.


  1. It's cool to see you getting out and about to the estate sales and shops! I didn't realize how much I missed seeing what treasures (and dubious things) you unearth there. Those oyster shells are truly perplexing. Who's going to pay money for those? Those sodas look disgusting, even from a novelty point of view.

  2. All I can say is I want ALL those marbles. It occurs to me I may need replacements.
    What fun to take us out and about with you. Some fun places. I do like the pedal cars.

    1. the picture is one of five shelves in the display cabinet full of marbles and there was another revolving display cabinet full plus jars full. he must have thousands and to my undiscerning eye, they all looked basically the same.

  3. Sounds like a good adventure! You find some curious stuff. I have one of the pedal tractors up in the rafters of my garage but ours is not in nice condition like that one. I wonder if it has any value?! Hmmm...

  4. Those are really cool stores. I haven't found anything like that here. It's just as well, we don't need any more stuff. The poppies in the last post are just beautiful.

  5. Well that looks like fun! I like the CONCEPT of the painted oyster shells, just not those particular painted ones. I've had two different "birthday cake" flavored things lately that were NASTY - and as you know I LOVE birthday cake. Very weird. And I love your new plant stand!

  6. It's nice to read about all of your adventures there and seeing all the wild crazy stuff you've see there. Sounds like you had a wonderful gathering with family too. We're hoping to do that soon. On Friday, it will be two weeks since I had my 2nd shot, so we'll be ready for a small gathering.

  7. baby ducks and the change maker win the day! The plant stand is awesome- I would doll it up with multi- colors of paint and gold leaf and make it a total garden feature! What a fun day out! All of those toy cars are great too! I ould have to get at least one probably, and then wonder why...

  8. Mage beat me to the word, and a good one it is for a pedestal. It's a nice plinth, too.

  9. Ellen! You should get some baby ducks! They could hang out with old Mama Turtle. Ducks are so sociable, quacking about all day long.
    I love the pedal cars! They are beautifully restored.
    I'm with Boud concerning the possible need for marbles. And with Steve on the disgusting sodas. They are a big nope for me.
    How nice that you're getting to get out and about, see things, do things. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. that's not even all the pedal cars. there were an equal number I didn't photograph. two more day trips planned before our brother heads back home.

  10. I sure do remember those coin dispensers. That brought back memories of high school football games and the volunteers at the snack booth! But the real attraction's those marbles. I kick myself everything I remember getting rid of mine. I'm going to have to visit that place someday. I get close to Wharton from time to time, so it's doable. On the other hand, maybe I should stay away. I'm not sure I could control myself.

    1. let me know the next time you plan to come out this way!


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