Tuesday, June 2, 2020

wherein I do not talk about this country's slide into chaos

This is what's left of my fig tree and I cracked the handle of my shovel digging it up. I would have had to severely cut it back anyway.

All four piles of dirt have been delivered plus an extra for the septic system and it's a good thing I dug up the fig tree when I did because they dumped the last load of dirt right on top of where it had been later that day.

And now I wait til they get around to spreading it out and making the pad. We got all the paperwork for the house which we are looking over before we make the purchase. Now really it's just about pulling up my big girl panties and writing the check. You may recall, we like to buy things outright, bite the bullet and get it over with, no interest, no payments dragging on forever, cheaper in the long run since the loan interest would undoubtably be more than the paltry bit of interest we're getting on it while it sits in the bank. You may also recall my aversion to spending money, especially large chunks of it at one time even when I want to buy whatever which I mentioned while the bathroom was being remodeled. It's not because we don't have the money, we do, or that it will hurt us financially, it won't, it's just that I'm a saver and I've had to be frugal my entire adult life as a working artist so I'll probably wait til the pad is ready.

And I need to find someone to trim the cedar tree by the gate. We need 15' clearance.

My grandgirl Jade sent me a set of colored pencils for my birthday, a different brand than the ones I have and I've been working on a new drawing (Linda Sue you might recognize it) and now it's done.

the drawing itself 2" x 6"
My last remaining gallery called Saturday to ask me if I would participate in their anniversary show with the work due in September and I told her I'd love to so now I have to get busy on some new models especially since it is oppressively hot and humid out there now, can only work outside for an hour or so in the mornings. And mosquitos. Did I mention the mosquitos? Horrid little beasts.

Rocky finally showed up last Saturday morning bearing gifts of tamales. Is this a peace offering I asked him. He laughed, told me what's been happening re his disappearance (helping his son who is the handy/maintenance man for some apartments get four apartments repaired after plumbing leaks by June 1st). I'll be back Tuesday or Wednesday he tells me which means he might show up Thursday.

Spring is well gone now and with it the spring blooms but the summer flowers are coming on.

The magnolias, day lilies, nile lilies, and the pink crinum lilies that transition spring into summer,

the zinnias, the rangoon creeper, the plumerias coming on.

And my pink angel trumpet finally produced two blooms after all my threats and demands while every other pink angel trumpet in town had dozens of blooms. Sigh. Well, it's a start.

I really hadn't noticed until I put this post together but it's very pink out there.


  1. You do have the most gorgeous foliage and blossoms in your yard. It's very lush. Apropos of nothing, I looked up velvet ants - they're just terrible! I wonder if there is a definitive guide to whose stings hurt the worst. Yesterday we counted six tarantula hawks on the plant next door. I will be glad when that is done blooming to they leave. Here's hoping the fig tree survives.

  2. Well, it all looks pretty in pink.

  3. You are very patient with Rocky!

    I love your new drawing. Beautiful! And I bet your fig tree bounces right back. Good timing on getting it out of the ground! Love the pink angel trumpet. We had a white one briefly but they don't do well here. (Or maybe it was just us!)

    1. he's also my neighbor and friend and he gives me more value than he charges me for plus I know how it is to have to juggle jobs.

      and thanks! I'm thinking about drawing the angel trumpet bloom, or maybe a yellow one which I also have.

  4. Love your drawing! I would like some pink! Especially those daylilies! It's very orange & yellow at our house :)

  5. All that you show here is such a wonder of fresh air to look at. Thank you, gorgeous.
    Keeping fingers crossed for your fig tree.

    That blue one is what we call an agapanthus. It's about to flower here too, as is its white cousin which a friend brought me from Malta.

  6. My zinnias are an inch high and my lilies are just starting. You repair guy has a cell phone? He could have called an explained. Never will understand this lack of communication.

    1. he does and I could have called if I was concerned. he's not just my contractor but my neighbor and friend and he always gives me more work than he charges me for. having been self employed for most my working life I understand juggling jobs and so I give him leeway.

  7. Zinnias an inch high. I feel much better.
    I hope you feel the same way; I will be so pleased when Pam lives by you.

  8. Amazing how far your season is advanced already. We're still barely in the 70s, with cool nights. Wonderful flowers.

  9. Gosh, that iris bud is gorgeous. It looks like one of those fine botanical drawings from the past. It's starting to look like we're going to escape Christobal -- thank goodness. I will say that when I heard "possible hurricane" I just laughed. It's such a 2020 thing to have happen.

  10. FAB flowers especially the curled up one from Pencils! What a great gift! Lovely drawing. The pinkables are sweet and the bees on the white blossom look so comfortable. Fairies abound!

  11. You are a wonderful artist, such a fine stroke with those pencils, beautiful blending of colors and textures, the very sight healing to the eye.


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