Friday, May 24, 2019

it's been a busy week

Monday was my last day with the monitor for which I am eternally grateful because even the sensitive skin patches caused redness though no welts or raw spots. So now my records have been sent to the electrophysiologist and the referral made and I'll call next week to get an appointment. But then I thought about acupuncture and did a quick internet search to see if this was something that might be beneficial and several articles I skimmed through seemed to indicate it was so I think I'm going to investigate this further, find an acupuncturist relatively near and give it a try before I succumb to ablation. It surely can't hurt.

Grandgirl Jade came out Tuesday afternoon with her mother's sewing machine (because she wanted to learn how to use that one) and a box full of sewing projects. I hemmed two pair of velvet pants, the first of which I just did a double turned hem and stitched it down and of course it rolled because that's what velvet does I hate to sew on velvet so for the second pair I got some hem tape and the results were better (I offered to redo the first pair if she wanted to rip out the stitching but she decided it was fine), altered a dress twice because it was still too big the first time, cut and hemmed several pair of thrift store blue jeans that Jade had bought to turn into knee length shorts for her upcoming study abroad program in Costa Rica, finished altering a pair of jeans in the waist. She's leaving Saturday for 2 1/2 months, living with a local family.

Anyway, I've been sewing for two and a half days. After the first day we had both sewing machines set up while Jade worked on remaking a pair of jeans that were too big in the waist and too baggy for her young adult sensibility. I declined to completely remake that pair preferring to go to a resale shop to replace them but she persevered, had seen videos on how to do it and she did a good job and I was proud of her. 

She had intended on spending only one night but it took us longer to get enough of the work done and so she didn't leave til yesterday evening.

So this week has been all about sewing and kittens. 

The kittens go home on Tuesday. The dog has accepted their presence and while she doesn't actually play with them she doesn't shy away when they get too close though at first she couldn't decide if her job was to play with them, protect them, or intervene when they got too rambunctious. The cat however has not only not accepted them, she's getting more aggressive, not satisfied with just hissing anymore, she's beginning to growl and swat at them.

Yesterday a crew showed up to clear all the poison ivy, virginia creeper, briar vine, wild grape, dewberry, and trash trees (hackberry and pecan) from around the cedar tree next to the gate to the shop yard and the fence for a ways on either side which had become totally overgrown after the flood and completely beyond me to deal with. The first guy I had out to give me an estimate quoted me $1000 which I thought was excessive so my neighbor gave me the name of another guy to call and he quoted me $450 for the same work. Needless to say I went with #2.

After, of course, but take my word for it, it was completely overgrown, couldn't see the cars, couldn't even see the fence, and stuff was grown up from the ground into the tree and all around it so you couldn't even get to the tree.

Today the plan is to get the hanger glued to the back of an old piece for a friend 

and get the mulch spread out under the azaleas but since it's already mid-day and 86˚ the mulch will have to wait til tomorrow morning since I have to give the tomatoes some attention when it cools off some this evening.


  1. I was just wondering what the monitor progress was for you and thank you for letting us know.
    I worry. That's what I do. I worry.
    How sweet of you to take the time to help your granddaughter. You are teaching her extremely valuable skills and that's something money can't buy.
    I need to get someone here to deal with stuff in the yard that I can't handle, and yes, poison ivy is involved. I'd say that the money you spent was well worth it.

  2. How exciting for Jade to spend time in another country. Ten weeks sounds like the whole of her summer vacation.
    It seems the kittens will be happy to go home.

    1. the aunt will be glad for them to go home too.

  3. Well, you did it and that long monitor period will provide answers. So whatever the result, it was worthwhile. I just wish it could be a better result and that the meds could do the job for you.

    I hope the kittens get back safely before your cat starts to jump on them properly.

  4. Costa Rica! YAY, always wanted to got there, Some of our family are considering a MOVE , if or when the orange turd claims the kingdom again. Pretty sure you will miss her greatly, and the kittens...I think you are amazing to let them go. Ellen, as always, being busy and constructive! Full of admiration , here!

  5. Whatever will those kittens do once Pam gets them back. Being that they will be thoroughly broken in as house cats and spoiled royally. I bet it felt so fandamtastic to have that monitor off of you. I hated wearing mine and was more than pleased to get rid of it. This weekend has proved very fruitful for my husband and me. We tore into his tool shed and straightened that all out. Cleaned all the yard tools and set them into some oil sand. He actually found a few things that he thought I had misplaced a few years ago which I rightfully gave him a good ol fashioned mama slap for. I also found a few of my chefs knives that he often steals to use to cut wires with in his shed. The things you find that your husband says he didn't touch. We will be tackling the garden shed tomorrow and moving the 2 climbing roses to the sunny side of the house where they can climb to their hearts content. I also have to move my 3 lemon trees near the pantry window so they will block some of the hot sun from hitting the window.

  6. Sounds like a good sewing session and bonding time for you and Jade. I wish my grands lived closer. My Layla graduates next month with a 4.1 grade average. She has already been accepted to Ohio State. I am so proud of her I can hardly contain it! I will have to go alone, since the only camper capable of taking over for me is Kevin and he just finished his second round of chemo and is very weak. He is terminal, the cancer has already spread to his liver and pancreas. The chemo is a last ditch effort to shrink the tumor in his esophagus and allow him the pleasure of eating again. Breaks my heart!

  7. I'm glad you got rid of that monitor. What a huge relief that must be. And the Costa Rica experience sounds amazing! I love that Jade is using so many repurposed clothes, rather than going out and buying new. Quite a clearing job! I don't blame you for bringing someone in to tackle that!

  8. I really wish I could sew. I know that I could probably learn, but the few times I've tried I didn't enjoy it at all & as a result I sucked. If I could sew, I could expand my crochet repertoire to include bags with linings.

    Our children's program intern at church just got back from Costa Rica. She did a little presentation after church. Her thesis is on liberation theology - very cool stuff. She & her fiance are going back after graduation to help with marketing for one of the organizations.

  9. such a lovely time with your grandgirl. and i suspect you will find acupuncture to be helpful. i hope so. glad the monitors are gone.


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