Thursday, August 30, 2018

a hint perhaps

I have been complaining non-stop about the non-stop heat but the last several evenings have been rather pleasant and this morning, before the sun got high enough in the sky, it almost felt like perhaps fall was really going to come around. Of course that feel in the air was fleeting but it does give one hope. The forecast for the coming week shows more tolerable highs in the upper 80s to low 90s.

No such respite from the dryness though. Yesterday my oft wrong weather app said thunderstorms in Wharton all day! Well, overcast and the sound of distant rumbling but no rain. It will rain in the distance, often raining on the cotton field that I can see looking out the window where I sit but it will move around us as if in response to an invisible shield or deflector. Looking just now it says we will have thunderstorms for the next seven days. That would be awesome but I'd settle just for one day of good hard rain, the kind that soaks in.

I've written about seeing newly hatched anoles and that continues, even saw a just hatched skink scurry into the leafy debris yesterday. They are so tiny and so fully aware. 

I haven't been seeing any of the little spotted geckos that chirp in the night and wonder if they were all washed away by the flood. And not so many birds as we used to have. Where are the chickadees and titmice and wrens?

So many small signs that summer is coming to an end...the little hatchings going on, the general loss of tired foliage, the shortening days, the pampas grass starting to send up new plumes.

I've been busy, finished two more tile models after giving up on the flower for now. These two are meant to be simple and quick and relatively inexpensive and are intended to decorate a couple of boxes, testing a new way of displaying my work.

Those done, I made another trip to the paint store for more color samples for the exterior of the house and spent the rest of the day with them spread out on my desk trying out different combinations.


  1. Gmail sign up is hitting all of us. Dang.
    The other day Jessie and I were sitting in my hallway helping August do a puzzle and I swear, we could see rain outside one side of the hall and no rain outside the other. But then it was raining everywhere. Except Texas I guess. Maybe fall will bring you more. I hope so.
    You have a much better eye for the tiny anoles than I do.
    Love your color samples! That gray is nice.

    1. and was immediately deleted. no tolerance for spammers.
      we got a light rain for about 10 minutes yesterday but a mile away it rained enough to leave puddles.
      only one gray so might be a pale blue or violet.

  2. There are lots of reasons that fall makes me sad, but the shorter days is on the top of the list. Which is funny because even in the evening it's too hot to sit outside so it's not like I'm taking advantage of the longer days.

  3. The first color I was was the wonderful spring green on the way right. Not with the flesh color or ivory, but it looks good with the two bricks!
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the feather. I'm wearing so many feathers lately. I decided because I have yet to land. A feather ring, feather earrings. A friend's daughter gave me a feather bag.
    Gmail sign up got the boot here, too. I wonder if s/he ever comes back to see who knows. Of course not; it's a bot.

  4. You have such a broad selection of paint samples...wondering if that is the problem and that you should just settle on a specific color area.

    1. They're mostly blues and purples with a scattering of accent colors. I've mostly narrowed it down to about 6 or 7.

  5. Like all your colors, I take forever sometimes. Never heard a gecko chirp, will have to look it up and see if I find a recording

  6. If you don't get rain this weekend, we're going to start searching for the big, invisible umbrella over your area. I can't wait for the little drift of cool I've felt for about ten minutes in the mornings to start extending itself.
    If it rains all weekend here, like they claim it's going to, I'm going to finish painting the bathroom, so I can stop walking around the ladder.

    1. so far a clear blue sky today. we have gotten two small showers in the last two days lasting less than 10 minutes each with not enough rain to make it through the leafy canopy.


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