Monday, December 11, 2017

post open house post

Well, the snow did what all good snow does and melted right away. By 1 PM, it was all gone. None of the flowers or plants seemed phased by the snow but the dip below freezing the next night did a number on some of them, like the volunteer tomato plants. The fruit still looks good and the thicker stems so maybe they will still grow and ripen if we don't get any more freezing temps before then.

Our annual December group open house is over for another year. We had a good turnout the Friday night and Saturday of the first weekend but it rained that Sunday so it was pretty slow. This weekend was also slow. One of the problems is parking. There is a large covered area in front of the studio which will accommodate half a dozen cars at the most but street parking is now almost non-existent due to gentrification of the neighborhood. Builders put up 2 or 3 lot line houses per 100' with the bottom level being the garage. When the street is lined on both sides with garages, there's no place to park. The other problem with turnout is that there are so many events happening now on these December weekends.

Gene Hester - fused and stained glass

Liz Conces – fused glass

Leslie Ravey – leather and wood

Barry Perez - jewelry

Bob Straight – blown glass, fused glass, wood working

Kathy Poeppel and Dick Moiel (our hosts) – blown glass

V. Chin - ceramics

(failed to take a picture of my own display but I had already shown it to you anyway)

Still, we did well but mostly because on the first Saturday, a woman came in specifically to buy a piece if we still had it that she had seen and loved and didn't buy last year. Well, I did still have it, the peach box, but had sent it to a gallery earlier this year. So a phone call and an offer of free shipping and the piece is sold. Then later we sold two other small pieces but only one of the little feathers.

Today, I'm taking the day off. I cleaned the kitchen this morning after three days of neglect and we unloaded the car and that's about all I plan to accomplish today. Except go to yoga this evening.

Bob's angel ornament...The Scream edition


  1. I enjoy these pictures every year, Ellen! Leslie Ravey's furniture reminds me a great deal of the furniture my grandfather used to make. Simple, structural, beautiful.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful artwork.

  3. I am glad to read that the show was successful for you. The other works are lovely also. Parking is a problem everywhere and I can say that I have decided at times not to venture into store because after driving around a bit, I could not find a spot.

  4. Some real nice pieces at your show, sorry those tomatoes got nipped.

  5. The booths look so nice. The art is so nice. I can just look and look, since Texas is so far away.

  6. Love the screaming angel! I'm glad you sold some pieces. All that work is so beautiful -- I especially love the ceramics, but I have a weakness for those.

  7. Wonderful even and the photos are really nice. Warm greetings!


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