Monday, December 18, 2017

a couple of days of getting nothing done

I spent the day Sunday moving the two surviving bookcases and the bottom half of the buffet into my studio and cleaning them. I lost the bottom section of the antique law bookcases so now it's a stack of three. You can see a faint water mark on the solid wood bookcase but the bottom part of the antique buffet suffered quite a bit of damage visually (and the veneer bubbled up). Structurally it's still pretty solid. I think it will eventually go back in the spare bedroom but for now I'll use it in here.

Still working on the arrangement before I start putting stuff in them though my work table is doing what horizontal surfaces do and collecting all sorts of stuff. Mostly I need to sort through all the stuff beyond the door to the back bedroom and get it cleared out by New Year's so that Rocky can start back there.

Saturday I got bupkis done, well, if you don't count socializing as getting something done. I took a photograph to be restored and a small print to be reframed to the frame shop for Margaret to work her magic on and visited with her for a while, then over to my friend Caroline's across the square for a couple of hours to help her iron table cloths and chair covers for two weddings she has coming up at the Dragonfly. Wesley is in the city building out some restaurants so she is having to do it all herself. She tried to hire someone to do the ironing but in the best American crybaby 'I need money but you're only offering to pay $10 an hour' mode, she couldn't get anyone to come do the job. This right here is why this country is going down the drain especially when Trump is deporting all the people who would do it in a heartbeat while Paul Ryan is chastising American women for not having more babies to bulk up the labor force. Anyway, after I left Caroline's having been happy to help her for free I stopped at my sister's house on the way home and then walked the dog and stopped to chat with my friend and neighbor Judy. I probably stuffed a month's worth of socializing in one day.

Today is another overcast wet dreary day after several in a row already though it's not as cold as it has been and will be warmer tomorrow but still overcast and wet and overcast wet dreary weather robs me of my motivation so all I've managed to get accomplished all day is going through one box and moving the tall bookcase and the buffet to different spots in the room. And continually convince myself that I am indeed going to yoga even in the drear and light rain, which I did.


  1. I admire you greatly for going to yoga in such humid, sultry weather. We are having it too.
    Your buffet is really still very beautiful and reminds me of what my friend Lon, who makes mandolins says, "Wood and water DO mix." Which is true.
    Ironing has become a sort of pleasure of mine. Seems like lately all I really want to do are things which we once called "the domestic arts." There is a satisfaction there.

  2. That piece of furniture is an interesting, and horrifying, reminder of how high the water came into your home.

  3. Socializing is very important for our mind and spirit. Chores will eventually get done and then they will need to be done again, again, and again.

  4. I think you got a hella lot done!!!

  5. Step by step it is getting done. You creativity should surge with all that organization with bright walls. CNN interview a trump voter in Michigan who also complained that he had lost his workers with the deportation and restrictions on people coming into the country.

  6. Amazing handles on your buffet. I love opposing design. And the small chest on top is beautiful too. Asian?

    1. yes, it's a chinese herb cabinet. my little cabinet of curiosities. all the drawers are filled with different things. maybe I'll do a post on it one day.

  7. I love socializing and all the people I chat with. I went to the post office this morning with a box too big for the slot in our communal mail station. My favorite clerk was not there, but the substitute was some chatty fellow who asked where I was going for Christmas. On learning Wisconsin, I was treated to a twenty minute chat about a former carrier of his who transferred to Green Bay. Anybody will talk about anything. I love it.
    I had a "family heirloom" barrister bookcase that kept my books for fifty years, after I rescued it from my great-aunt's back porch and had it restored. I put it to auction when we moved, and it did fetch a very decent price. Mine was three high.

  8. Never replaced veneer, hard to give up on a piece.

  9. I think the damage actually adds some character to that piece. It's a good conversation starter! Hopefully you can eventually minimize it, though.

    Am I crazy or is $10 an hour actually quite generous? A lot of employers don't pay that much!


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