Saturday, November 4, 2017

yay! not about construction!

Here it is Friday evening and I still haven't started much for my three uninterrupted days. That's not exactly true, I got six shelves painted and then decided to paint the last four but I'd already put the paint away. I've also made a list of things to find like dig out my letter stencils and markers and the fabric to re-cover the display board but no progress on any actual molds or castings.

But I had slept late and had a leisurely morning, then one last trip down to the Convention Center to FEMA. We were funded last Tuesday yay! almost twice what I was thinking but a bit less than other neighbors whose whole houses were affected and on one of my many previous visits Katie told me that FEMA would pay for three years of flood insurance but I had to wait til my grant came through to apply for it. The agent just had to fill out a form and I signed and dated it and they will get in touch but I'm covered from the date of the application. After the three years we will be responsible for keeping it up. If we don't we won't be eligible for any future help from FEMA if we flood again. So when I got back I strolled down the street to make sure certain of my neighbors knew about it they didn't and then I took the recycling (mostly bottles from all the bottled water) to the now re-opened recycling center here in town. Managed to piddle the rest of the day away as well.

So now it is Saturday evening, the last day of that extra hour of daylight. It already gets dark so early. Today I painted the last four shelves 

and finally started on filling a mold. It's the odd man out, not a feather but a moon. It was nearly 2 PM before I got started good as I had to make several trips back and forth to get all the stuff I needed to get set up. I didn't finish but I did get the touchy part done and packed in and protected. The rest is just measuring out the rest of the black around the amber and then the clear and then finally, the white layer. 

'The rest', it will still take me a couple of hours.

Well, my flower beds here at the house are having issues but the wildness over at the shop is happy enough.


  1. Painting all those shelves to effort.

  2. Ah, yes, make haste slowly. Such irony.

  3. You are more than busy. Bet you are looking forward to more free time for art. That is a cute little dog!

  4. I cannot believe how far you have come in all ways since the hurricane. My god, Ellen!

  5. Congratulations on finally getting the funds. Insurance can work miracles. We finally took out a "heavy rainfall" policy (ten years discount no less) - having been flooded twice in two years after exceptional downpours never ever experienced here - and two weeks later, the city decided to revamp their canal system so no more flooding unless all the rains in China come in one hour. Unlikely, to say the least. Someone is having a laugh somewhere.

  6. I'm glad FEMA came through! Woo hoo! The flowers are looking great (at least in the area you photographed).


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